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11 Health Benefits of Eating Kumquat & Side effects

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11 Health Benefits of Eating Kumquat & Side effects

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Know Your Fruit - Kumquat

Kumquats are a type of citrus fruit that share lot of similarities with oranges.however, they are much smaller and you may eat them whole in a single move. Their flavor is pretty extraordinary to the sweet taste of oranges too; particularly, kumquats have a very tart flesh. However, the rind is really sweet, so the fruit has a contrast of sweet and sour flavor. This small citrus fruit now grows around the world; however it is native to south Asia. Just like other citrus fruits, kumquats provide a huge amount of vitamin C.

Nutrition Facts of Kumquat

  • Calories - 104 kcal

  • Carbohydrate - 27.6 g

  • Fiber - 2.8 g

  • Sugar - 21.8 g

  • Fat - 0.3 g

  • Protein - 0.6 g

  • Vitamin C - 14% RDA

  • Potassium - 6% RDA

  • Manganese - 4% RDA

  • Vitamin B6 - 4% RDA

  • Vitamin B2 - 4% RDA

11 Health Benefits of Eating Kumquat

1. Rich in Vitamin C – Improves Immunity

Kumquat is rich source of vitamin C. Consuming Vitamin C helps in creating a strong immune system. It fights all the bacteria in your body, stopping you from some of health problems.

2. Loaded with Fiber – Controls Cholesterol

As we all know cholesterol are two types – LDL (Bad) Cholesterol and HDL (Good) Cholesterol. both have features to carry out, however they have to stay balanced. however, if your body includes a lot of LDL cholesterol, you may start to experience numerous heart problems, blood pressure for example. The cholesterol in your body block your arteries, inhibiting right blood flow, clotting the blood to your veins, which can also result in stroke and cardiac arrest. Kumquats are rich in fiber and the fiber content controls all the LDL even as promoting HDL production.

3. Natural and Safe Source of Acquiring Antioxidants

Everyone knows that the damages free radicals can do to your body. Studies also showed that their association with developing cancer. Many studies have concluded that to fight cancer, you're required to first take away all the free radical cells to your body. Furthermore, the antioxidants within the fruit destroy free radicals present in your body. Kumquats are a natural and safe source of acquiring antioxidants.

4. Helps in Making Skin Younger and Flawless

Your skin is healthful when it's far free from acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin problems. Kumquats can do the job for you as it's packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, each of which are your skin’s requirement. These properties rejuvenate dead cells making your skin younger and flawless again.

5. Rich in Vitamin A – Reduces Development of Cataracts

Kumquats are a rich source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are directly related to vision health. Beta-carotene works as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress in the macular cells, thereby limiting macular degeneration and lowering the development of cataracts.

6. Relieves Infection

Inflammation is the reason of lots of health problem and should be deal effectively and timely. Kumquats are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You may prevent inflammation through incorporating kumquats into your diet plan. Despite the fact that the fruit is small in size, it carries a number of health advantages and relieving infection is certainly one of them.

7. Helps in Incorporating Energy in Diet

You wouldn’t expect kumquats are rich in carbohydrates, however they're! Carbohydrates are crucial for replenishing our energy reserves in a simple way. These fruits can offer that burst of energy in our diets, at the same time as additionally giving us all of the different benefits too! the high level of riboflavin, a key vitamin concerned within the production of energy, makes this process even easier.

8. Low in Calories – Helps in Weight Management

Kumquats are wealthy in fiber, water, and carbs, and are low in calories. Subsequently, are an excellent food for people seeking to reduce weight.They may fill you up and hold you healthy, as a way to reduce your urge to overeat.

9. Rich in Fiber – Improves Gut

Kumquats are rich in fiber too. The daily requirement of fiber consumption for women and men are 38 grams and 25 grams, respectively. Fiber can help prevent constipation, making one’s bowel movement simpler to manage. 100g of kumquats contain 6.5 g of dietary fiber.

10. Helps in Controlling the Insulin Levels (Blood Glucose)

The glycaemic index (GI) value of foods and drinks is basically based on their blood sugar increase potential. Foods high at the glycaemic index will break down quickly and cause blood sugar and insulin degree spikes after food, that's followed by way of rapidly dropping blood sugar levels. The sugar from kumquats is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, which prevents sugar crashes, sugar cravings, and mood swings.

11. Rich in Calcium – Improves Bones Health

The great calcium content in kumquats enables to protect your bones over a long term. Excessive calcium levels on your body increase the rate of healing and make ensure that your bones stay healthy and strong well into the old age.

Side Effects of Eating Kumquat

Patients who are suffering from breast caner should avoid this fruit.

Did you Know?

Do you eat raw Kumquat?

No, Kumquats are not simply eaten raw. They may be pickled, candied, made into relish from or marmalade, used in desserts, or added to meats.

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