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11 Health Benefits of Carrots and Side Effects

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11 Health Benefits of Carrots and Side Effects

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Know your Vegetable, CARROTS

Carrots are a sweet-tasting, bright orange root vegetable.

But, it's possible to find rarer cultivars of the vegetable that are red, yellow or even black.

Carrots grow underground, and they're specifically known for their high vitamin A (within the form of beta-carotene) content.

That said, it’s essential to eat them with a source of fat if you want to absorb this (fats-soluble) diet.

As an instance, we can only digest 3% of the vitamin in raw carrots. this figure rises to 39% in carrots cooked with fat.

Carrot Nutrition

Here are the nutrition values in full –

  • Calories - 41 kcal
  • Carbohydrate - 9.6 g
  • Fiber - 2.8 g
  • Sugar - 4.7 g
  • Fat - 0.2 g
  • Protein - 0.9 g
  • Vitamin A - 334% RDA
  • Vitamin K1 - 16% RDA
  • Vitamin C - 10% RDA
  • Potassium - 9% RDA
  • Vitamin B6 - 7% RDA

Health Benefits of Eating Carrot

  • Improve Eye Health

Deficiency of vitamin A can cause some trouble seeing in dim light, leading to night blindness. Since carrots are rich in vitamin A, a study to determine the antioxidant capacity of seven coloured carrots additionally suggests they're good for enhancing eye health and stopping conditions like night time blindness from developing as we age.

  • Anti-Oxidants

Carrots are rich in various nutrients one of them includes antioxidants that carrots are packed with. regular oxidation can result in weak organs, which are caused by the damaging effect of free radicals. Those radicals don’t stop at weakening the organs because they are able to wreak havoc to your immune system as well. Somake sure to consume carrots regularly to avoid cell mutation, protect your DNA and prevent differnettypes of cancers.

  • Regulate Blood Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a main reasoncausing heart diseases and regular intake of carrots reduces levels of cholesterol. Consequently it is a great idea to eat a healthy dose of carrots, with a view to save you heart-associated issues. Researchers during a observe on the healing value of carrots found that LDL(bad) cholesterol level drops by anaverage of 11 % if seven oz. of uncooked carrots per day are consumed for three weeks.

  • Healthy Heart

Eating a carrot daily reduces the risk of stroke by means of 68%. Many researches have strengthened the perception inthe “carrot effect” on the brain. lutein, a carotenoid found in carrots, has been positively related to improvedbrain health. Research carried out on stroke sufferers found out that people with the highest levels of beta-carotene had the best survival rate.

  • Improve Oral Health

The organic compounds in carrots are good mineral antioxidants and in addition they stimulate the gums and result in extra saliva. Saliva is an alkaline substance and fight with the bacteria and foreign bodies that could frequently resultin cavities, halitosis, and other oral health risks.

  • Wound Treating Ability

Carrots have the capacity to treat wounds, which comes from the presence of beta-carotene that is required to heal them. Long time ago, carrots have been used as the mainkind of poultice, which was applied to wounds to treat with them. You could test this benefit yourself by taking a dietrich in carrots after you have a scrape or cut and notice the fast recovery.

  • Fight Cancer

Studies suggests that an intake of ingredients that contain carotenoids can have an effect on lowering risk of cancers. The antioxidants in carrots are the actual cause behind this findingbecausethey are better at fighting against to leukaemia cells while also reducing your overallrisk of growing cancers within the future. Research have found those consequences on adult women who've a family records connected to breast cancers and determined that consuminghealthy amount of carrot juice every day helped in protective their tissues from growing any cancerous cells.

  • Better Digestion

It contain good amount of fiber that is crucial to the digestion system because the body’s systemsimply cannot expel waste substances without it. A lack of fiber inside the diet can cause constipation and even hemorrhoids, which can be significantly painful, so an intake of carrots is vital to prevent it from happing. the fiber in carrots provides bulk to the body’s waste material and helps it skip through the body with ease.

  • Keeps You Young

It incorporates antioxidants which can be important to guard the body towards the symptoms of early ageing. Free radicals can make a mess of our body’s tissues because they weaken and age the body. Those consequences are neutralized by the beta-carotene present in carrots, which reverse the consequences of ageing to help you feel younger and greater energetic. The collagen in carrots is highly essential for the epidermal tissue which finally turns into the outer skin. Collagen helps it preserve the elasticity generally associated with youthful skin.

  • Healthy Hair and Skin

Vitamin A found in carrots can help protect our skin cells against damage by means of the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition they help the skin stay supple and smooth as it prevents dehydration, whichcan take a toll to your skin. You may also enhance the appearance of your skin the usage of a face mask that is prepared through including some honey. This could make your skin appear extra younger and bright. The presence of vitamin C in carrots additionally contributes to the sparkling skin you'll experience after making use of the face mask. furthermore, they canhelp in regenerating your skin and hair cells to battle any hair fall skin issues.

  • Control Diabetes

Carrots are good for blood sugar regulation due to the presence of carotenoids in them. Carotenoids inversely affect insulin resistance and hence decrease blood sugar, thereby helping diabetics live a normal, healthful lifestyles. additionally, they modify the amount of insulin and glucose this is being used and metabolized by using the body, providing a healthy fluctuation in diabetics.

Side Effects of Eating Carrot

Inspite of all of the dietary benefits that carrots provide, eating carrots has some of side effects as well. Carrots can be risky for infants and it is really helpful to feed them only small portions. Some people may be allergic to carrots and they may experience skin rashes, diarrhea, anaphylactic reactions, hives and swelling. Carrots aren't right for breastfeeding women. Regular intake of carrots can also result in compulsive eating in some people. While those people stop eating carrots, they'll fall prey to insomnia, irritability, anxiousness and water brash. While taken in large quantities, carrots leave the skin abnormally yellow to orange in colour.

Did you Know?

Is It ok to Eat Carrots Every Day?

Carrots are full of vitamins, minerals and fibers that are good for your health. but eating too many carrots can bring in too much beta-carotene the molecule responsible for carrots' brigh orange hue and a precursor of vitamin A. This will lead to excess blood carotene which can discolour the skin.

Called carotenemia, the circumstance happens due to the fact carotene is a fats-soluble molecule. Excessive quantities of it tend to build up within the outermost layer of skin, resulting in yellow- or orange-pigmented skin, mainly in the hands, soles, knees and nasal area.

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