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7 Health Benefits of Eating Banana & Side effects

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7 Health Benefits of Eating Banana & Side effects

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Know Your Fruit - Banana

The banana is a tropical fruit with a whole body covered in a yellow skin. Its a very common fruit and despiteneeding a hot weather its available in most countries. Because bananas have a sweet taste, dessert recipes often use them. In particular, banana splits, banana milk, and banana bread are a number of the maximum famous alternatives. Due to their accessibility and inexpensive rate, bananas are one of the maximum famous sorts of fruit in the world.

Nutrition Facts of Banana

  • Calories - 104 kcal

  • Carbohydrate - 27.6 g

  • Fiber - 2.8 g

  • Sugar - 21.8 g

  • Fat - 0.3 g

  • Protein - 0.6 g

  • Vitamin C - 14% RDA

  • Potassium - 6% RDA

  • Manganese - 4% RDA

  • Vitamin B6 - 4% RDA

  • Vitamin B2 - 4% RDA

7 Health Benefits of Eating Banana

1. High Fibre Content

Banana is loaded with fibre, both soluble and insoluble. the soluble fiber has the tendency to slow down digestion and keep you feeling complete for a long time. That is why bananas are frequently covered in a breakfast meal so that you can start approximately your day while not having to fear about the next meal.

2. Heart Health

High fibre foods are said to be good for heart. As per a study, increasing the consumption of fibre-rich foods consisting of bananas can decrease the threat of each cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and coronary heart disorder (CHD).

3. Ease in Digestion

Banana has a sweet and sour taste. The sweet taste is said to result in a sense of heaviness but the saur flavor is known to stimulate agni (the digestive juices), thereby assisting digestion and assisting in building up metabolism.

4. Powerhouse of Nutrients

Banana is a heavyweight when it comes to nutrition. It's far loaded with critical vitamins and minerals inclusive of potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6. these all contribute to the proper functioning of the body and maintaining you healthy.

5. High Source Of Potassium

The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a exceptional fruit. This mineral is known for its numerous health benefiting properties - it facilitates in regulating heartbeat, blood pressure, and keeps the brain alert. So, make certain you eat bananas on your daily to keep your heart and brain healthy, plus for more stabled blood pressure.

6. Blood Pressure

it's fact that salt is the culprit when it comes to high blood pressure. bananas have low salt content and high potassium content, and those properties make contributions to creating it a really perfect for those undergoing this condition. However consult your nutritionist or physician earlier than you add it o your diet.

7. Helps Fight Anaemia

Due to the excessive iron content in bananas, they are good for those   who are suffering by anaemia. Anaemia is a condition where there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells or haemoglobin within the blood. This leads to fatigue, shortness of breath, and paleness.

Side Effects of Eating Banana

Eaten moderately, there are not any side effects related to consuming bananas. However, eating the fruits in extra may also cause headache and sleepiness, thatsuch headaches are due to "the amino acids in bananas that dilate blood vessels. Bananas are a sugary fruit, so consuming too many and not keeping right dental hygiene practices can cause teeth decay.

Did you Know?

Do Banana helpful in building muscle?

As protein is the primary building block of muscles, everyone mainly consider protein in their diet, however carbs are crucial, too. A nutritious way to get extra carbs, along with lots of fiber, vitamin and minerals, is to eat more bananas.

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