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8 Health Benefits of Eating Cherries & Side effects

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8 Health Benefits of Eating Cherries & Side effects

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Know Your Fruit - Cherries

Cherries are one of the most famous fruit types, and theyre technically a drupe - a fruit with a hard stone inside. There are also two 2 types of cherry, sour cherries and sweet cherries. Those two are pretty comparable, however sour cherries have the slightly higher dietary profile. Sour cherries predominantly develop in Russia, Eastern Europe and southern Asia. Alternatively, turkey and the USA are the largest producers of sweet cherries. Cherries are a seasonal fruit, however frozen cherries are to be had around the year.

Nutrition Facts of Cherries

  • Calories - 104 kcal

  • Carbohydrate - 27.6 g

  • Fiber - 2.8 g

  • Sugar - 21.8 g

  • Fat - 0.3 g

  • Protein - 0.6 g

  • Vitamin C - 14% RDA

  • Potassium - 6% RDA

  • Manganese - 4% RDA

  • Vitamin B6 - 4% RDA

  • Vitamin B2 - 4% RDA

8 Health Benefits of Eating Cherries

1. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

The glycaemic index (GI) values of food and drink are based on their blood sugar increase ability. Ingredients high within the glycaemic index like white rice and white bread will break down easily and will cause the blood sugar levels and the insulin levels to spike after food, which is followed by rapidly dropping blood sugar levels. The sugar in cherries gets absorbed slowly into the bloodstream, which prevents sugar crashes, sugar cravings, and mood swings.

2. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Cherries are loaded with potassium and a low content of sodium that may make a contribution to maintain hypertension. They're widely recognized due to its high potassium content material. 1 cup of cherries includes 342 milligrams of potassium, as compared to 0 milligrams of sodium. this allows the blood vessels relax and keeps right blood pressure.

3. Improves Heart’s Health

Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and potassium had been acknowledged to improve the heart’s health. Cherries are rich in all these minerals.

4. Assist in Fighting Off Cancer

Cherries contain polyphenols that show anti-most cancers results. Anthocyanin & Chlorogenic acid acts as antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds. They protectbody cells from damage and prevent tumour growth. They also stimulate detoxifying enzymes within cells and promote cancer cellular death. Also, cherries contain manganese, a natural antioxidant, and crucial mineral.

5. Help in Digesting Food Efficiently

Cherries are rich in fiber. Fiber can help save you constipation, making one’s bowel motion easier to manage.

6. Help You Fight Infections

Cherries are rich in vitamin C also; VitaminC is a powerful natural water-soluble antioxidant that helps the body develop resistance to infectious agents and removes most cancers-inflicting free radicals in the body. Additionally, cherries ccontain powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin.

7. Maintain Hair and Skin Health

Good enough vitamin C consumption enables your body create and preserve collagen, an important protein found in hair and skin. Additionally, cherries have a vitamin A. Vitamin A helps regular the production of retinoic acid, which is important for sebaceous gland feature.

8. Helps in Treat Gout

Anthocyanin present inside the cherries allows in decreasing the irritation caused due to gout. The cherry remedy is well-known as it has confirmed very powerful, in fact it is probably the quality treatment of them all. Consume lots of apples, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and of course cherries.

Side Effects of Eating Cherries

Until you are allergic to cherries, those fruits are unlikely to cause extreme side effects. However, consuming cherries in excess or as part of a very high-fiber diet may lead to unpleasant effects. To avoid those side effects and make sure all of your daily nutrient needs are met; eat cherries and other fruits in prescribed portions.

Did you Know?

Do Cherries Help You Control Body Weight?

When you eat cherries, it can help you lose weight and stay smart & trim. It has decent amount of calories and fiber, which will keep you feeling full longer.

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