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Everything you need to know to combat your monthly problems

Everything you need to know to combat your monthly problems

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Overcoming Painful Monthly Cycle with Natural Remedies

The natural cycle of change happening in the females keeping their reproductive ability on track is called periods / menstruation or more commonly as monthly cycle. The process is known to keep the uterus prepared for the pregnancy and even the production of oocytes is made possible through it. Oocytes are the cells of female reproductive process which are necessary for formation of babies. This is such an incredible and natural gift of Almighty to females but then why is it associated with pain? Below are some of the myths associated with monthly cycle which are very easily believed by not many of us:

  1. Menstrual pain/ cramps or Dysmenorrheal indicates infertility.
  2. Irregular periods indicate infertility.
  3. There is no pre monthly cycle mood swings and problems as such.
  4. Girls should get their period by the age of 14, after which it is not normal.
  5. Heavy period are abnormal.

Being related to reproductive cycle of a female, menstruation involves some hormones which are namely, estrogen and progesterone.

Here is How Monthly Cycle Starts if the Pregnancy is not Happening?

  1. During cycle, the hormones namely estrogen and progesterone help ovaries to release a mature egg.

  2. The inside of uterus is made spongy with the help of these hormones, which helps fertilized (ready to become a baby) cell to rest.

  3. When the mature egg is not fertilized the spongy tissue is not needed and it starts breaking, which causes the associated menstrual pain.

  4. The coming out of blood and tissues is what we call in normal language as monthly cycle.

What Should be Done to Make Such an Important Process Painless for you?

Taking any medicine to help you get relieved during period should be avoided, as it interferes with the normal process of monthly cycle. Few home remedies are:

  1. Drinking Chamomile tea could be helpful.

  2. Hot compression to the stomach areas would provide relaxation to the stomach muscles and this would provide relief.

  3. Try getting enough of Vitamin D.

  4. Try for more orgasm, which releases endorphins, a substance known for decreasing pain in those days.

  5. The traditional Chinese, Acupuncture will definitely bring relief to your painful areas.

  6. Get massaged with mineral oils like sesame or grapeseed

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