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Healthy tips for weight loss

Ashwagandha, also called Indian ginseng is an Ayurvedic supplement used for its medicinal purposes. It helps in dealing with a number of problems including lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, sexual problems, weakness, neurogenerative disease and arthritis. Not just this, it is also said that ashwagandha can help you in losing those extra kilos. Here are seven ways ashwagandha can help you lose weight: 1. Boosts immunity 2. Rich in antioxidants 3. Helps in managing stress 4. Increases energy levels 5. Helps in building muscle mass 6. Helps you sleep better How to consume ashwagandha for weight loss: While ashwagandha is also available in capsule form, it’s more effective to consume it in powder form made from dried ashwagandha leaves. You can mix a teaspoon of it in a glass of milk and add some honey for enhancing the taste. You can also add cardamom to enhance taste, boost metabolism and improve digestion.

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