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health benefits of mango

MANGO.....The king of fruits mango has both spiritual and medicinal significance. Mangoes are high in antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C, and so are good for boosting immunity, protecting eyesight and aiding digestion. They also help neutralise free radical damage in the body. mango has more vitamin C content than an orange. Interesting, isn't it? While an orange has around 70 milligram of vitamin C, mango has a whopping 122 milligram of vitamin C. It also has abundance of zeaxanthin, an antioxidant which keeps your eyes healthy. It also helps boost your immunity preventing you from falling sick." Carrot is believed to have the highest amount vitamin A, containing more than 100 percent of it. Mango, on the other hand, has a mere 35 percent of vitamin A. However, it is believed that mango has enough vitamin A that is required to produce sebum to keep the hair moisturised. Vitamin A is necessary for the growth of bodily tissues that include hair and skin. mangoes also fight cancer. It has antioxidants including fisten and gallic acid protecting the body from colon and breast cancer. so enjoy mango ….it is very nutritious and having lot of benefits.

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