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Occasional Body Cleaning By Fasting Does It Really Work?

Occasional Body Cleaning By Fasting Does It Really Work?

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Does fasting mean to skip a complete day's diet?

Fasting, as taken with huge respect and observance in many religious practices has a lot more to do, than one knows normally. The word fasting does not mean to maintain complete abstinence from one?s diet but it always depends more on the person who is fasting. In general words, it is considered as prohibiting from some or all kinds of diet plans or meal.

Myths about fasting

  • It will leave you starving the whole day!

  • In absence of any form of food, fasting causes a muscle to be wasted.

  • Fasting always leaves one in lack of necessary nutrition.

  • All types of fasting increase blood sugar levels.

  • Fasting one meal of the day: breakfast would be a bad idea!

Intermittent fasting, the term so much in trend these days, speaks a lot about the cycle when one should be consuming food. It does not speak much about what to include in one’s diet and what should not be included but the time interval is very important in making sure intermittent fasting does work for the individual.

What are the various benefits of skipping diet or by keeping fasting?

The term fasting has been mentioned in many ancient pieces of literature and no doubt this word has a lot to offer than we know, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Blood sugar control is seen as Insulin’s resistance is decreased.

  • Inflammation is kept at Bay, providing good a good health.

  • Cholesterols and triglycerides are kept at a low level, which helps in keeping one’s heart healthy.

  • Has been said to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

The term fasting means a lot to those, who are well aware of its benefits. This is a good option to see effective weight loss. The system boosts its metabolism to make up for the energy requirement. This phase also shows a check on calorie intake as well. Fasting is reported to enhance the longevity, which is due to the boosted metabolism of body


How to keep a proper fast?

  • Consult your doctor to be aware of any health issues, prior fasting.

  • If you are not in habit of fasting, then bring it in routine gradually and do not suddenly give up on your diet plans.

  • Remove any of the eatables like chips and chocolates from your kitchen.

  • Keep yourself busy to overcome cheating.

Do not undertake any kind of heavy exercises when you fast.

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