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STD: What are they & who gets them

STD: What are they & who gets them

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STD-What are they & who gets them?

STD is a Sexually transmitted disease transmitted through one person to another person via sexual contact. Mode of transmission for STD is unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sexual contact with someone who is already infected with Sexually transmitted diseases (STD).it is also known as Venereal Diseases.

Sexually Transmitted Diseaes Include - 

1) Chlamydia Infection- Most common infection in Young can infect men & women both. A risk factor is a Multiple Partners. Symptoms include-Pain during intercourse, Strong smell from discharge, Pain & Burning sensation in the genital area. A complications - most common complication of Chlamydia infection is Pelvic inflammatory Diseases, Infertility, Pelvic Pain & Ectopic Pregnancy.

2)  HIV/AIDS - Human immune deficiency Virus. It directly affects the immune system. It destroys CD4 cells from the immune system. Mode of transmission of HIV  is unprotected sex with infected Person.AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the final stage of HIV.

3) Gonorrehea - it is one the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the young generation. A bacterium called “Neisseria Gonorrhea.” infected person can pass infection via Vaginal intercourse, Anal intercourse, Oral intercourse.these bacteria can pass by just touching infected area. Mostly this bacterium can spread via Toilet seats, infected persons clothes even in vaginal delivery it can pass through mother to child.

Prevention-Use sanitizer spray in Public toilet, Avoid Sexual contact with multiple partners.

4) Syphillis - It is highly contagious sexually transmitted is caused by Bacteria “Treponema Palladium”.there are 4 stages of Syphilis.

In Primary Stage of Syphilis-Painless sore appear. Sore heals their own in 3-6 can be cured by medicine.

In secondary stage-Swollen lymph node & fever if this infection doesn't get treated infection will get worse.

In latent stage-Patient is not contagious in this stage but this phase can be last years.

In late stage-diseases is not contagious but symptoms are vision Problem, Numbness, Dementia.

5) Genital Herpis - this infection is caused by Herpes simplex Virus.It is an infection by the herpes simplex Virus of genitals.symptom-Painful ulcers, fever, Swollen lymph nodes. Treatment - Antiviral medications.

6) Trichomoniasis - This infection is caused by women this infection in women causes foul smell vaginal discharge, itching & Painful urination.

7) Human Papilloma Viruse - HPV it is a viral spread through skin to skin contact. Symptoms include Genital warts. HPV also causes Cervical Cancers in Female

How to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

  • Avoid Unprotected Sexual intercourse with infected Person.

  • Limit the number of Sexual Partners.

  • Do Regular Health check-ups & Screenings

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