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A powerful Morning Routine to make your day strong

A powerful Morning Routine to make your day strong

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A powerful Morning Routine to make your day strong

Good habits in Morning can improve your daily life and future. Once you start focusing on good habits in Morning you definitely see changes in your self. It is very much important to take care of body and mental health to improve your daily life. Set priorities for the next day before going to bed, Without planning your next day, at the end of the day you will feel like you have not achieved anything. Make a list of tasks you have to accomplish.

How to improve Morning Routine

  • Wake up early-Wake up early before 5 A.M. one of the great example is Oprah Winfrey; she typically wakes up at 6 A.M.

  • Drink Water-Drink glass of Water after getting up from the bed, it will clean all toxins from the body or glass of water with lemon & Honey to improve your immunity.

  • Open the curtains-let that sunlight enters your room.

  • Make your bed-tidy room gives the feeling of satisfaction.

  • Don't check your phone immediately until and unless it is important.

  • Increase physical activity-it decreases the risk of future Diseases. for Example-Yoga, Walking, Meditation. It increases blood circulation, boost energy.

  • Brush your teeth & Have a cup of Tea or coffee.

  • Create Healthy Breakfast. For Example-Aloo Paratha, Rava upma, Rava Dosa, Idli, Poha, Grilled Sandwich, Methi Thepla, Chilla, Oats & Dalia.

  • Read or Listen to Something Motivational. Music is a something mood changer.

  • Pack your food to take it to your work while listening to Music.

  • Plan your day; be grateful for what you are doing today.

  • If you have a pet, take them for a walk or play with them.

  • Spend some Quality & peaceful time with your family.

  • Take shower with lukewarm water with refreshing soap or body wash.

  • Use some refreshing body mist to feel fresh entire day.

  • Brush your hair.

  • If you are someone who is working from home make sure your workspace is clean & if you are going to office make sure to reach at your workspace before time.

  • Make sure to have lunch on time.

  • Find some fun activities for the end of the day.

  • At the end of the day, make sure to refresh have dinner and try to go to bed early by keeping your phone away.

These are very simple habits to make our day strong.

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