Know Your Food (www.knowyourfood.in) is an online portal which connects dietitians from all over the world to allow them to explore another source of generating revenues..

With (www.knowyourfood.in) Dieticians (you) have an online reach to new clients who are coming on this website, which is a marketplace for Healthy & Nutritional foods. Just like you market about your brand and pay for that, same way on Know Your Food you can advertise yourself, your blogs, posts, profiles will be shared with the visitors and they may reach out to you directly, which then gets them inside your consultation area. This is absolutely charge free& no extra Time and Cost involved. Zero Expenditure Marketing

Currently, whenever client is provided with a diet plan and client buys the products for their diet plan. The revenue is for the diet plan only. What if the dietitians also get to earn out of the purchases made by their clients.

Know Your Food provides exactly same opportunity.

With Know Your Food, the visitors can, access your profiles, they may leave questions for you. Clients also can enroll for your services by paying you online, using their credit card/ debit card or net banking!

Once enrolled you continue diet consultation with the client and if they purchases from Know Your Food, you get a chance to earn.

It is a unique platform, which allows you to promote and create your brand , because, its a marketplace also for the healthy and nutritional food.

At Know Your Food, all mostly all the ingredients are available which are required to follow your recipe. So, all the purchases which are done through your website, you will get a chance to earn commission on all such purchases made.

The automated tools of Know Your Food allow you to truly compound your earnings. The search engine visibility tools and marketing tools help you create a brand! Above all, it gives you an opportunity to earn when your client buys anything on this portal.