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Are You Confused In Your Post Pregnancy Period?

Are You Confused In Your Post Pregnancy Period?

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Are You Confused In Your Post Pregnancy Period?

A child’s birth definitely brings in a lot of hope and some more changes in the life of a parent, the one who goes through a lot of change both physically, emotionally and even in the sense of development as well.

If you are also struggling with many of the questions or maybe myths or associated facts as mentioned below, then we encourage you to completely read this section of the health and fitness blogs.

  • You will never get your dream body back.
  • Do not under eat as your milking will never happen in the best possible way.
  • Keep milking your baby until the child gets done on his/her own.
  • It is very necessary to eat lots of fat/butter/ghee in your daily consumption after delivery.


There is no worry in following these norms but here is what you might enter into

  • The myth of never getting a dream body back has been never true. You can get it if you work towards it but you definitely need to know how much and when to exercise, something in which a dietician can help for sure.
  • You can eat as much as you want and overeating is never an option. Eating right and the definite amount will help you get the right help.
  • Eating a lot of fat or butter is not any sort of natural treatment. This is something that has been believed with culture and tradition and this has nothing to say or do with post-pregnancy care’s routine. If you have been dealing with these or some of other such problems then we assure you it is high time for you to meet a dietician and seek his/her help.
  • It is very necessary to take due care of yours and child’s health, as any improper guidance will lead to risking your child’s health. Something nobody would like to risk for any faulty suggestions provided online.

Everybody wants to retain the kind of body they have always dreamt about and no harm in achieving it!

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