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Bed Tea or coffee Is Good or Bad for Your Health

Bed Tea or coffee Is Good or Bad for Your Health

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Bed Tea, Coffee and health: is it a good combination?

Morning sickness (laziness one feels early in the morning) or even the nominal feeling of being lazy could be easily beaten up by the help of sipping coffee or tea. While many people prefer green tea and normal tea without sugar, some people prefer having normal tea.

Besides helping one to feel fresh energized and pushed up to start the day, there are some of the less known facts about the beverage

  • Amazingly popular: be it a nice gathering or a solo time, tea makes sure you are never bored. This has been the most loved drink worldwide.
  • Same plant many varieties: Surprisingly, the variety of tea available in the market are not coming from various plants, but only one plant called, Camellia sinensis. The difference lies in the processing of the various tea leaves producing, yellow, black, green and even white!
  • There is one group out of the whole world who consumes the most of tea: Though the people from China tried their hands first on tea, somewhat 200 years ago, today, Turkish people are the ones who drink a whole lot more than anyone on the Earth
  • Too much of anything is not good: There has been a case reported wherein the 56-year-old man encountered a kidney problem. He was in habit of drinking 16 cups every day. Too much tea consumption leads to oxalate deposition which could lead to renal (kidney) failure.

Is coffee good for the common man health?

Coffee which is also reported to contain antioxidants, that also in high amounts, keeps the risk of many diseases reduced.As far as coffee is concerned, it has caffeine, which is the best stimulant known; this can cause problems in some people and disrupt their sleep.

Health benefits associated with coffee or tea:

  • Helpful in weight optimization: a regular tea drinking habit can help in maintaining the weight.
  • Flavonoids keep the diseases at check: Due to helpful in weight management, the risk of diseases related to heart, diabetes and cancer is kept at bay due to the presence of flavonoids.
  • Loads of Antioxidants: As the name suggests, the antioxidants help in reducing the oxidative species or the molecules in the body, which prevents the risk of many chronic diseases like heart and cancer diseases.
  • Keeps the LDL at check: LDL or the low-density lipoprotein, which is actually considered as the bad protein, is kept at check. This is done with the help of minimum 5 servings of black tea. This helps in keeping the conditions of heart arrest and heart attacks at bay.
  • Reduced age-related neurological disorders: Chances of Parkinson diseaseisreduced by the use of caffeine. Studies also support that tea or coffee consumption can completely stop the chances of even developing Parkinson in the first place.
  • Green tea helps in daily remembering process: The regular consumption of green tea keeps the chances of dementia loss to a bay. Dementia is a regular memory loss process which interferes with the daily happening things and people often and usually forgets about it.
  • Undertake healthy drinking options:Instead of drinking tea and coffee on regular basis, it would be beneficial to stick to drinking juices, protein shakes and milk. This would help in cutting the caffeine consumption and hence would help in making one fit.

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