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Believe or not your poop can tell if you are healthy or not?

Believe or not your poop can tell if you are healthy or not?

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Screening of your POOP can tell a lot about your Health

In spite of the fact that many individuals think that it is really awkward to discuss their poop, it is very vital to know certain parts of it as it can tell a lot about their health. Poop or the process of throwing out the solid excreta out of your body has a very important function in maintaining your health.

If at any time there is an adjustment in the solid excreta then it might be due to changes in your eating routine. Definitely, it is it an indication of your battle against contamination, or, an indication of an increasingly genuine health condition.

Facts about poop or the stool:

  • Water is in majority: The stool is around 75% water, while the rest is a combination of fiber, dead and living microscopic organisms, dead cells, and bodily fluid.
  • Qualities of a safe and normal stool: Poop, typically is smooth and delicate, whole and elongated. The upper appearing region should be uniform and the normally it should be S-formed.
  • Shaping and color of stool: The normal S shape of the poop originates from the region of the lower digestive tract. When we talk about the color of the stool, it can range from medium to light dark in color.
  • The smell of it says a lot: Your health is related to the kind of poop you passes. A lot can be told about your health from the smell of your poop. The change in the smell of poop gets one indicated to conditions like the pancreas, cystic fibrosis, problems in absorption and digestion.

How disease conditions are related to poop?

  • Lumps of sausage-shaped poop - This one causes the anal bleeding as is associated with those people who suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This sometimes causes anal bleeding and the diameter ranges from 3 to 5 centimeters.
  • Small and hard lumpy poop - Acute inflammation of the small intestine could be related to this kind. Usually, small ranging from the diameter of 1 to 2 centimeters, rough, and solid usually causing anal bleeding could be normally seen in the people who have been taking doses of antibiotics.
  • Cracked surface stool in sausage-shaped stool - This poop is very similar to the lumps of sausage-shaped poop. The only and the main difference is that this one is generally is processed faster than the first one.

Eating habits to make sure your poop is healthy and so are you

  • Choose the right kind of food: Minimally processed whole foods can help in providing the right kind of food, your gut needs. The list includes fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh meat.
  • Include probiotic starch-containing foods: you can include beans, pulses, whole grains and starchy vegetables like tubers and potatoes.
  • Include a lot of fibers: Fibers are the constituents of the body which helps in bringing out a smooth bowel movement. This helps in making sure your digestion is properly done and the poop is properly flushed out of the body. Some food includes green leafy vegetables, chickpeas etc.
  • Right eating habit: Chew your food and in the right amount at the right time. This would help in taking out the essential nutrients that your body requires and the absorption, as well as the process of digestion, becomes easy for you.

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