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Belly fat linked to vitamin D deficiency

Belly fat linked to vitamin D deficiency

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Belly fat and Vitamin D: are they related!

With the change in society and the way people think about themselves, so much of change could be seen in the lifestyle people are inclining towards. The kind of behavior and the lifestyle people live in order to have the right and fit life is tremendous and very much surprising. Earlier people used to simply handover lifestyle of fitness and beauty to the celebrities, but now more of the common man is becoming aware and bringing their lives in light making sure they follow a perfect pattern of fit and healthy lifestyle.

Over the advancing years, people have come to know that there is not one kind of problem that everybody has when it comes to the point of living fit. Some pole might face a problem when it comes to belly fat and some might have a problem in their thighs. Most commonly, people find it difficult to cut their belly fat, which is very disturbing and sometimes even depressing.

Facts related to belly fat [1]

  • Whole grains are helpful: while many people think whole grains add to more of the weight of the body, it is very necessary to know that such grains are more efficient in mobilizing the fats instead of storing them up. Some of the examples are whole-wheat flour, oatmeal, brown rice and whole cornmeal.
  • Belly fat could be cut by sit-ups and crunches: Doing lots of sit-ups and crunches do not help in cutting the belly fat if someone is overweight but for those who are at a healthy weight; their stomach area may look more toned with the help of such exercises. The only condition when these exercises are done correctly and consistently.
  • A particular diet can help reduce the belly fat: This is a myth just because some people have more fat accumulated in their belly, the fat cutting program show results in that area first. But when someone is planning to lose the whole body is targeted and not just one area as the diet plan under practice makes the nutrients reach the complete body and not just one area.
  • Not necessarily we need the high-intensity workouts to reduce the belly fat: The simple exercise such as brisk walking could be helpful to make sure one reduces a good amount of belly fat. The key is the consistency which should be followed.

The increased level of vitamin D is associated with a decreased level of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has the counterparts as Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3, which in their active or working form are called calcitriol. They work by absorbing the phosphorus and calcium from the body.

Though there has been a study that revealed the connection of high profile body fat to low profile vitamin D in the body but the real reasons for the same as yet to be analyzed and brought to light. The study is very much necessary as vitamin D is an important constituent which makes the body fit as preventing from cardiovascular, rickets and various other symptoms of pain in the bones and weakness. Few sources of vitamin D are egg yolk, salmon, tuna, orange juice and soy milk.

Ways to cut your belly fat

  • Consume a lot of soluble fiber: Water is easily absorbed by the fiber which helps in making one feel full, naturally making one avoid overeating hence avoiding the weight gain.
  • Avoid trans-fat: they cause inflammation, heart disease, insulin. Thus these could be considered as foods which help in gaining.
  • Eat healthily: Try eating as healthier as possible avoiding any sort of junk food. Relying on the nutrient bar, more fruits and healthier options will help in having a healthy weight.
  • Undertake a healthy and exercise regime routine.

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