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Benefits of Staying Away From Social media

Benefits of Staying Away From Social media

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Social media: Advantages of avoiding it

Social media has become the heartbeat of the modern world. Though there have been so many social handles, which people enjoy making accounts on, these are very essential to get connected to the world. These social handles are also necessary to get to know the latest happening in the world, which creates awareness in one, about the world around him or her. her. No doubt newspaper and news channels also do the work but Social media, in this generation intends to be a bit faster than anything available.

Facts about Social media

  • A good place to find records at: Many people rely on Social media handle named Facebook to get their daily news portion. This quantity is 30% of the total share!
  • People like to be present though they never share anything ever!:The records tell that 44% of people who have an account on Twitter are active users but they are active to just scroll the feed down and they never posted a tweet even once, till now!
  • It is growing at a very greater speed: Within every 2 minutes, a new member is joining linked in. Thus the spread is growing to be more viral and quicker. Even Instagram launched in October 2010 was able to reach the count of 1 million in terms of the active users by the month of December 2010.

How famous is Social media amongst teens?

Teens are always involved in making use of something that is new, interesting and very much within their reach. The Social media is absolutely engaging, interesting and even entertaining at the topmost of its quality! A survey was done in the year of 1994-1995, which mentioned that major of the teens use Social media handles. This majority could be properly summed up as 94%. This portion is habitual of coming online every day. While people are using so many of the Social media at once, about 71% make sure that they are registered on more than one Social media at the same time.

Benefits of breaking the vicious circle of Social media

  • Privacy is protected: people, who have been using Social media, are sometimes unknowingly providing a lot of information available to many people. If one avoids the use of Social media, this one potential threat could be avoided, very easily.
  • Breaks the comparison cycle: Accept it or not, there runs a cycle of comparison when anyone gets the new thing and post about it on their feed. This sometimes, even get to the point of making you lose your inner peace and hence in this case avoiding Social media would be the best way to deal with this.
  • Real world appears more influential: getting busy with people around would help you make a greater impact than getting busy with your phone. Helpful in making connections, you would definitely feel connected, much more than ever before.
  • Make one to come in more touch with the real world: While you are not on phone, you are definitely in touch with your loved one. The people, who care for you, need you and hence they need to be assured that you are with them. Thus not on phone means you are with your people!
  • Eyesight is not weakened so easily: Not using so much of phone saves your eyes from getting over strained. Thus the health of the eyes is maintained for the longer period of time.

How to make this happen?

If you have been thinking of how to avoid Social media if you already find yourself addicted to it, then try on adopting some healthy habits like Exercising, meeting people in real and checking on your old school mates. Even developing a desire to be fit and follow a proper routine will keep you motivated to indulge yourself more in healthy living than just to keep scrolling your social handle’s new feed!

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