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Bono: I have had Glaucoma for past 20 years

Bono: I have had Glaucoma for past 20 years

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Bono: I have had Glaucoma for past 20 years

Paul David Hewson, KBE OL, known by his stage name Bono, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist. He is best known as the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of rock band U2. Bono was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland.

Bono, is known for almost always wearing shaded glasses in public, even indoors. Asked about them in the past, he has said only that his eyes are sensitive to light.

But Bono, has revealed that his trademark shades are instead there to alleviate difficulties caused by a chronic eye condition.

Speaking on a show, the U2 frontman explained that for the past 20 years he has had Glaucoma, a condition that can make eyes more sensitive to light.


Glaucoma is not only one eye illness, rather a collection of eye conditions bringing about optic nerve harm, which may cause loss of vision. Anomalous high pressure inside your eye (intraocular weight) more often than not, yet not generally, causes this harm.

Glaucoma is one of the main sources of visual deficiency in the United States. Glaucoma can harm your vision so bit by bit you may not see any loss of vision until the problem is at a later stage. The most well-known kind of glaucoma, essential open-point glaucoma, has no observable signs or side effects with the exception of steady vision misfortune.

Early finding and treatment can limit or forestall optic nerve harm and point of confinement glaucoma-related vision misfortune. It is imperative to get your eyes inspected normally, and ensure your eye specialist measures your intraocular weight.


The most well-known kinds of glaucoma — primary open-point glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma — have totally different symptoms.

Primary open-point glaucoma – signs and symptoms:

  • Slow loss of border vision, for the most part in both eyes

  • Tunnel vision in the later stages

Acute angle-closure glaucoma - signs and symptoms:

  • Eye pain

  • Nausea and vomiting (along with the severe eye pain)

  • Sudden beginning of visual disorder, often in low light

  • Hazy (blurred) vision

  • Radiance around lights

  • Redness in the eye

  • Forehead Pain

  • Blind spots

Both open-angle and angle-closure glaucoma can be essential or auxiliary conditions. They are considered essential when the reason is obscure and optional when the condition can be followed to a referred to cause, for example, eye damage, drugs, certain eye conditions, irritation, tumor, advanced cataract or diabetes. In secondary glaucoma, the signs and indications can incorporate those of the essential condition just as run of the mill glaucoma manifestations.


For reasons that specialists do not completely comprehend, expanded weight inside the eye (intraocular weight) is more often than not, however not generally, related with the optic nerve harm that portrays glaucoma. This weight is because of a development of a liquid (fluid silliness) that streams all through your eye.

This liquid typically leaves your eye through a waste framework at the edge where the iris and the cornea meet. At the point when the seepage framework does not work appropriately, the liquid cannot sift through of the eye at its ordinary rate, and weight works inside your eye.

Primary open-angle glaucoma

In essential open-point glaucoma, the seepage edge shaped by the cornea and the iris stays open, yet the waste channels (trabecular meshwork) in the edge are somewhat blocked, making the liquid channel out of the eye too gradually. This makes liquid back up in your eye, and weight bit by bit increments inside your eye.

Harm to the optic nerve does not cause side effects or pain, and it occurs so gradually that you may lose a broad measure of vision before you're even mindful of an issue. The careful reason for essential open-point glaucoma stays obscure.

Angle-closure glaucoma

Angle-closure glaucoma, likewise called shut edge glaucoma, happens when the iris swells forward to tight or obstruct the seepage edge shaped by the cornea and the iris. Subsequently, liquid cannot satisfactorily course through and leave your eye, and your eye weight may increment unexpectedly. Angle-closure glaucoma as a rule happens abruptly (intense edge conclusion glaucoma), however it can likewise happen bit by bit (perpetual edge conclusion glaucoma).

A few people with an anomalous restricted waste point might be in danger of creating angle-closure glaucoma.

In the event that you have a thin waste point, unexpected enlargement of your under studies may trigger intense edge conclusion glaucoma.

Normal-tension glaucoma

In normal-tension glaucoma, your optic nerve winds up harmed. In any case, your eye weight stays inside the typical range. Specialists do not comprehend why this happens. You may have a delicate optic nerve, or you may have less blood being provided to your optic nerve. This absence of blood supply could be brought about by atherosclerosis — an aggregation of greasy stores (plaques) in the courses — or another condition restricting your blood flow.

Developmental glaucoma

A few babies or youngsters might be determined to have glaucoma. Once in a while, a few kids might be brought into the world with glaucoma (intrinsic glaucoma), create glaucoma in the initial couple of long stretches of life (puerile glaucoma) or create glaucoma after age 4 or 5 (adolescent glaucoma). Youngsters more often than not won't have any side effects. Be that as it may, they have optic nerve harm, which might be brought about by edge blockages or contortions (essential juvenile glaucoma), or it could create as the after effect of different conditions (auxiliary glaucoma).

Pigmentary glaucoma

In pigmentary glaucoma, colour granules from your iris develop in the seepage channels (trabecular meshwork), moderating or blocking liquid leaving your eye. Physical activities, such as running, sometimes beat up the pigment granules, placing them on the trabecular meshwork and causing irregular pressure increase.

Dietary Changes

Foods to Eat

1. Fruits and Vegetables

2. Fish or nuts rich in omega-3 PFA

3. Moderate amounts of red wine, green tea and dark chocolate

Foods to Avoid

1. Foods High in Saturated Fats and

2. Foods with Trans Fatty Acids

3. Coffee

4. Alcohol

5. High intake of salts

6. Caffeinated Beverages

Natural Remedies

Medical Treatments

Luckily, there are some formal medicines for glaucoma, including laser treatment, different kinds of eye drops, oral meds and other negligibly intrusive methodology.

1. Laser Therapy

2. Eye Drops

3. Oral Medication

4. Careful Options

Home Remedies

1. Carotenoids

Carotenoids are explicit cancer prevention agents that have been straightforwardly connected to diminishing oxidative worry in the eye. This can diminish the odds of creating glaucoma, and for the most part help improve the working and wellbeing of your visual framework. Carotenoids are found in high fixations in sustenance like sweet potatoes, carrots, verdant green vegetables, and tomatoes, among others.

2. Cayenne Pepper

In spite of the fact that placing pepper in your eye sounds upsetting, when you sufficiently weaken cayenne pepper with water or in your eye drops, it can rapidly diminish irritation in the eye, which has been connected to a higher danger of creating glaucoma.

3. Fennel

This herb has various dynamic fixings that can give a noteworthy lift to your vision by decreasing aggravation and expanding dissemination. You can set up a gentle eye rub with fennel, or mix some tea and devour once every day for best outcomes.

4. Vitamin E

Studies have connected the cancer prevention agent impacts of nutrient E to purging the focal point of the eye too, guaranteeing that there isn't a development or any blockage that could hinder vision. Vitamin E supplements are broadly accessible or increment your dietary admission with sustenance like almonds, kale, mustard greens and other plant oils.

5. Ginkgo Biloba

This old herb can detoxify the body, just as the eyes, and increment flow and oxygen conveyance. In the event that you are experiencing the manifestations of glaucoma, the expanded supplements and oxygen can help battle this condition and moderate its movement.

6. Eyebright

As the name suggests, this herb is explicitly known for its effect on vision. If you need to improve vision, the diverse mixtures with this herb, extending from oral enhancements to eye drops, can rapidly dispose of the side effects and recover your vision to ordinary.

Did You Know?

Would glaucoma be able to be restored totally?

When all is said in done, glaucoma cannot be restored, yet it very well may be controlled. Eye drops, pills, laser techniques, and careful tasks are utilized to keep or moderate further harm from happening. With glaucoma, standard eye examinations are imperative to recognize movement and to avoid vision misfortune.

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