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Dark Chocolate - Is It Health Food?

Dark Chocolate - Is It Health Food?

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No, Dark Chocolate Is Not a Health Food

Everybody wants to relish their heart, mind, soul and no doubt their body as well. Not every time the soothing sensitizations come in the most unreachable form. It is definitely an easy and good task to be able to find your happiness in the small things.

While the happiness of a girl or even a child is been thought about it is very undeniable to think about a bar of chocolate.

Facts one should know about the Dark chocolates [1]

  • Healthier than Milk: This is because of the presence of the cacao beans in more quantity and less of sugar.
  • Reduces blood pressure: A lot of antioxidants help the cardiovascular system and hence keeps the high blood pressure under control.
  • Prevents arteries blockage: Dark chocolate promotes healthy blood flow as they promote wide arteries.
  • Triggers relaxation: Dark chocolate smell triggers the theta brain waves, which are responsible for the relaxing sensation.
  • Unfavorable cocoa farms: The people who are been engaged in cocoa farming find it difficult. The farms have been reported to be suffering from unsafe working conditions, child labor trafficking and unfair labor wages.
  • Reduced heart disease risk: Consuming dark chocolate every day results in reducing the heart diseases risk by 1/3rd per cent.
  • Powerful source of antioxidants: Polyphenols, flavanols, catechins are some of the powerful antioxidants found in the dark chocolate, which are helpful to make the working of the body normal and under control.

There has been so much of confusion while one refers to the Dark chocolate and very often used term is simply chocolate.

To make you sure of the difference between the two, we can conclude, normal or the milk chocolate is the one which has high amounts or some amount of added milk or milk solids in it. While talking about the Dark chocolate we can conclude Dark Chocolates usually have more of the cocoa solids, the ration of which ranges from 30% - 80% in the overall composition.

Is dark chocolate a good remedy to stick to for the good health?

  • A source of too much-saturated fat and sugar: This has been suggested by the studies that one serving of chocolate bar would contain about 67% of the saturated fat while on the same hand the normal milk chocolate contains about 37% of the saturated fat. This even increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases which might result in an affected lifestyle.

  • Kidney Stones: The presence of oxalates in the dark chocolate makes the increase of urinary oxalate secretion, which might result in the creation of kidney stones. Patients, who have a history of kidney stone, should avoid the consumption of dark chocolate in any form.

  • Migraine Headaches: A natural chemical called tyramine is found in the dark chocolate. Though the deeper study is needed to confirm the fact that more of tyramine can trigger the migraine headaches, which can be really irritating for the people.

  • Association in Keto Diet: It is preferable to include dark chocolate in keto diet containing 70% of cocoa or may be more.

Things to replace the dark chocolate craving

  • Multigrain bars: These are multigrain and hence helps in keeping you fit. Thus it would be really a great option to stick to when you feel like having something sweet to relish on.

  • Include nutritious nuts: This is a great way to help your brains remain healthy. Adding choice of cashews and nuts would help one avoid those smaller hunger pangs and hence can adopt a healthy lifestyle too.

  • Have as many fruits as possible: isn’t it a good option to know that eating something will boost up your health, which could be rightly said when one adds fruits in his/her diet.

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