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We help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle - Dt. Avanti Date
Name : Dt. Avanti Date
Clinic Name : Nutriment
Experience : 4 Years of Expertise
Specialization : Weight Management
Nutriment - Dt. Avanti's online clinic in Pune is known for sports and clinical diets.
1. What would you call the Turning point in your life (How did the idea of getting into this field come about? What made you choose this? And what would you say sets you apart?
I am a diet conscious person since from my childhood. I like the idea of slim ,trim,fit and healthy.So I used to eat small portions since from my childhood. In school time I got to know about this nutritional degree course. I decided I want to become a Dietitian, so I can help other people to be healthy and fit. When I entered the field I realized 95% of childrens are mal-nourished. They don't get enough food to eat, so I really wanted to do something for them in near future. I hope I can provide them with a healthy food.
2. Where is your startup located? What are your plans for expansion?
I have started my clinic in Pune ( Warje). I give online consultations for out of Pune clients. I want to expand and open clinics in other areas of Pune.
3. When was the eureka moment when you decided to have your startup?
I decided to open a clinic in a month of December 2018 and opened it in January 2019. Everyone helped me a lot , I am thankful to them. Everything happened very fast and that's my eureka moment. I decided and it happened.
4. What keep you excited about this startup?
My motto is eat healthy and be healthy. I don't ask my clients to starve or don't give any meal replacers. My clients always tells me that you allow us to eat everything and we don't starve still we are getting benefitted. Each and every client is happy so that's what excites me.
5. What is the most important learning which you want to share with our emerging women entrepreneurs?
Becoming a women entrepreneur is not a easy thing. They have other roles and responsibilities as well.They have to manage home and work at the same time. If they are married and having children they have to manage that also. Hats off to the mothers and married entrepreneurs. You all are my role models.
6. In layman’s terms could you please tell me what is it that you do as a nutritionist ?
I help people to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
7. What courses are available in India if one wants to pursue this course?
There are degree courses , post graduation courses , PhD and there are some short certificate courses also.So my advice is go for a proper degree course from a certified University, don't go for a certificate course. Nutrition is a very vast subject , nobody can master it in just 3-6 months period. Even if you take a degree in Nutrition, you have to keep yourself updated by constant reading and learnings.
8. What qualities are needed to pursue this career?
As I said you have to keep yourself updated on a daily basis. So you have to read constantly. Communication skills are very important. You have to be a good counselor and a good listener at the same time. You have to be creative as Dietitian have to plan recipes which are as tasty as healthy.
9. Anything that you would like to say to our readers
If you start eating healthy today,you will never need any medication in future. And While choosing your Dietitian, please make sure that they have a proper degree in Nutrition.
Best Food I am not a foodie person but I love Pav bhaji and Chat a lot and Dal rice is love ❤️
Best Book Alchemist is my favorite book.
Best song or music There is no specific song as such . I love all type of music. I love to sing , so I sing Western music more often. It suits my guitar well.
Best Destination I love beaches. So Goa is a best destination till now and I want to visit Maldives soon.
Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Manda Amte inspires me a lot. They provide a free medical treatment for people and animals. I want to do something like this. I want to use my education for malnourished childrens who can't afford to eat healthy. I hope I can provide them a nutritious food.
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