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Your guide to a good life - Dt. Mahima Khanna
Name : Dt. Mahima Khanna
Clinic Name : Curvy Tales
Experience : 7 Years of Expertise
Specialization : Therapeutic
Curvy Tales - Online Clinic of Dt. Mahima Khanna, Expert in art and science of overall well being. Offer solutions that have a mix of healthy meals with high nutrition value, mindful eating and yoga science.
1. What would you call the Turning point in your life (How did the idea of getting into this field come about? What made you choose this? And what would you say sets you apart?
To be honest, I always wanted to be a doctor , never thought of this field . I tried twice but couldn't clear my entrance exams. My mother who was very passionate about wellness and nutrition gave me this option. This is how I came into this field. This is how my life completely changed. I don't chose the this career, this career chose me and here I am. Being a dietitician is more than a career, it's a lifestyle choice. My passion to help people achieve their goals, keep them motivated, healing them with nutrition and positive thoughts is the ultimate goal of my life. My dream to heal and nourish the mankind and beyond is alive in me and yes I am on it.
2. In layman’s terms could you please tell me what is it that you do as a nutritionist ?
I don't want others to struggle with perfectionism , the way I struggled. I don't want others to degrade their self confidence levels based on weight or body image issues. As a nutrionist I guide and help people to recognize that their bodies are gift from God which should not be objectified but treated with honor and respect. I guide you towards healthy lifestyle which brings good benefit and beauty to your lives emotionally, physically and socially. I aim to heal you from within and trust me together we can create a better and newer version of you.
3. What do you like most about what you are doing?
I love freedom of being owner of my decisions. It doesn't only change life of people who come to me but also changes me as a person. I develop and learn every day. The best part about being dietician or nutrionist is that it makes you the best version of your own self.
4. What is your definition of Success?
For me success is liking yourself and liking what you do. It's not how much money you earn at the end of the day, it's about the difference you make in other people's life.
5. What is your “Mantra” to success and how important is “Growth” for you?
Mantra of success is - Think positive Eat healthy Exercise daily Work hard Worry less Love more n more Stay strong Success cannot be achieved without growing and adapting. Being successful is your ultimate goal. But growth is a journey which at every step makes you a better version of your own self.
6. What is that one incident/decision of your life, which changed you?
After doing my yoga trainer course, my Outlook towards life , completely changed. Yoga is a way of life and it's beautiful.
7. If one needs to know you in one line, how will you describe yourself?
Bold and beautiful
8. Do you agree that there is too much competition around? According to you end of the day, what matters, victory or satisfaction?
Yes I do agree. But it's all our mindset. We always compete with others in monetary terms . You might get victory but never satisfaction . But when we compete with ourselves, it gives us satisfaction, contentment and power. But for some people it's other way round. So it's all your mindset. For me yes my satisfaction and contentment which I get through my own set goals and accomplishments.
9. When and why did you decide to take up Nutrition as your career?
As I said before I didn't choose this career, this career chose me.
10. When was the eureka moment when you decided to have your startup?
When I always worked for myself. Yes I was working as well. But working with clients and consulting was part of my passion . I never made this my career because I wanted to enjoy it while growing.
11. Where is your startup located? What are your plans for expansion?
My start is located in Chandigarh . Well lot of small projects in pipeline. Which I would love to talk about as it comes alive
12. Who are your competitors and how you see yourself competition?
I am my own competitor. I believe I am bold, courageous, knowledgeable , fit and powerful enough to get better day by day. I compete with myself and I see it's getting tougher
13. What keep you excited about this startup?
My passion
14. Where do you see your brain-child in next 2-3 years from now?
Doctor in my field . Working on my PhD and research program
15. Anything that you would like to say to our readers
Music, food and love- 3 energy forces to live a healthy life
Best Food Breath
Best Book Your mind
Best song or music Sound of rain
Best Destination Isle of skye- Scotland
Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you My mother
Life motto Dream, achieve ,inspire
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