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Get insight about how does Dt. Rashida Sidhpurwala manage a Healthy Lifestyle.
Name : Dt. Rashida Sidhpurwala
Clinic Name : Heal
Experience : 15 Years of Expertise
Specialization : Weight Management Specialist
Heal - An online Diet Clinic, Founded by Dt. Maithili Kelkar, located at Hyderabad. Working as a Qualified Dietitian since 15 years to coach her clients to mend the lifestyles and live healthier.
1. What would you call the Turning point in your life (How did the idea of getting into this field come about? What made you choose this? And what would you say sets you apart?
My interest for cooking got me to take up to Home science and the subjects of physiology and nutrition were which i was most interested in . My passion to help people get fitter is what drives me to strive hard to help them get to their goals.
2. What was the idea behind your venture and why you thought to start it?
The idea to begin my own practise kindled when i realized that getting people to lose weight by asking them to follow fads, deprivative or restrictive diets were only making them more unfit. To help them manage hormal imbalances, weight, bld sugars and gut issues needed a more holistic approach and sustainable lifestyle changes.
3. What is your “Mantra” to success and how important is “Growth” for you?
The mantra to stay fit is to make small, simple and subtle changes to your routine which are easy and doable. Right growth can happen only with right nutrition. To cope up with wear and tear within the body and to facilitate optimul repair, recovery and healing the body needs certain fundamental requirements which should be met through right nutrition and lifestyle changes.
4. What is that one incident/decision of your life, which changed you?
A drastic and dramatic change slowly settled in when i realized i had gotten lazy, was putting on weight, had skin issues and was not being good with parenting my toddlers. Got into a more disciplined lifestyle where exercise, waking up early , eating clean and practising meditation has become my way of life.
5. If one needs to know you in one line, how will you describe yourself?
Nature lover, simple and enthusiastic individual.
6. Do you agree that there is too much competition around? According to you end of the day, what matters, victory or satisfaction?
I dont see too much competetion since im not in a race to win. I set up my practise to help people understand make changes from the grass root level in their lives to experiance wellness and wellbeing.
7. Share the most inspiring story/incident, you have witnessed yourself.
When I met this 70 yr old lady a year back wanting to lose weight and fix her health conditions without having to visit doctors, I felt her chances were slim to mend things, but Ive been amazed at how she has step by step made considerable changes and has been persistent and consistent with her regimen and has come a long way in improving her health conditions. She not just dropped her weight by 20 kgs she also has dropped taking most of her pills and when i meet her I really can say that, "Age is indeed just a number".
8. Last but not least, how you are managing personal and professional life, any tips and tricks you wish to give to our readers.
1. My office is just outside my home, so no commuting to far off places. 2. No work pressure, since my work is my passion. 3. Adhere to strict working hrs. 4. Self employed so know when yo take breaks. 5. Derieve self satisfaction from work so time management and discipline to everything has improved considerably.
Best Food Clean food- Natural Local Seasonal Home grown Home cooked Simple and satvik(wholesome)
Best Book The 5am club- Robin Sharma
Best song or music Latest songs and relaxing, soft music.
Best Destination Scotland, England- So far.
Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you Priyanka Chopra
Life motto Live a healthy, content and a life that others get inspired by.
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