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Dietbright clinic by Dt. Shruti Karnik will enable to lead a healthy and disease-free life.
Name : Dt. Shruti Karnik
Clinic Name : Dietbright clinic
Experience : 6 Years of Expertise
Specialization : Cardiac and Diabetic Health
Dietbrightclinic - Dt. Shruti Karnik's e-clinic in Mumbai is well known for dealing patients with various disorders.
1. What would you call the Turning point in your life (How did the idea of getting into this field come about? What made you choose this? And what would you say sets you apart?
I always wanted to be a part of medical science and wanted to have my own clinic. Nutrition science has always fascinated me because I believe we are what we eat. The turning point in my life would be when my dream of own clinic set up will come true and I get a chance to make healthier lives or rather play a role in preventing various disorders. The quality of convincing people in a positive way and motivate them to change their lifestyle for betterment is the quality that sets me apart.
2. In layman’s terms could you please tell me what is it that you do as a nutritionist ?
Layman usually thinks that a nutritionist is a person who restricts you from having your favorite food but its totally wrong. I as a nutritionist guide people regarding their food habits, lifestyle, behavior changes and set up dietary plans and guidelines for a healthier life or in special clinical conditions.
3. What do you like most about what you are doing?
I like each and every part of what I do. But, the most satisfying part is making perfect diet plans and counselling them or rather convincing them to follow it
4. What is your definition of Success?
Success is something when you see a positive change in the client whom you counseled. Success is when you see the happy face of the client who wants to continue his changed life.
5. If you had to give a advice to your younger self when you were starting out, what would it be or If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Advice to my younger self that I would give in my initial years would be to complete RD internship.
6. Any regrets as of now? And if yes would you like to share
Regrets of not completing RD internship. The regret of not linking with more hospitals when I was in Ahmedabad.
7. Top 2 regular practices that have helped you
Keeping myself updated in the nutrition field and always be curious to know more and more has really helped me to gain maximum knowledge not only in nutrition but also in medical science and Psychology as well.
8. Motivational factor (What keeps you motivated)
To have my own independent recognition in my field is the motivational factor for me.
9. One relationship that helped (Who has been your biggest support in this journey ?)
My father, he has always been my biggest support who has pushed me when I was falling and motivated me to keep going in spite of failures.
10. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about you?
People think that I can not speak what I actually want to. They doubt in my convincing capabilities but I feel that is my strength and I can do that very well
11. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
1. Contacts: You need to be seen and known to every person in your field. 2. Opportunity: Good opportunity can take you to great heights if that opportunity is grasped well. 3. Hard work and luck: Working hard is our hand but to be lucky is not.
12. What would you have been if not what you are doing currently?
I would have been a good Psychologist for sure if not Nutritionist.
13. What qualifications are required to pursue this career
After HSC, minimum of Bachelors degree in Clinical Dietetics, Masters in Clinical Dietetics of Public health nutrition, Ph.D. in Clinical Dietetics or Public health Nutrition, PG diploma in Food Science and Nutrition or Clinical Dietetics
14. What qualities are needed to pursue this career?
Good Knowledge and Experience in clinical setup or hospitals Hearing out clients issues and solving them through your clinical skills. Convincing them about pursuing their new lifestyle and dietary changes as per their conditons
15. What courses are available in India if one wants to pursue this course?
Bachelors and Masters degree in Clinical Dietetics and Public health Nutrition. Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Dietetics and Public health Nutrition
16. Any advice to parents whose kids may want to pursue this course?
Advice would be to encourage kids from the beginning itself to learn about nutrition and teach them at their level how important it is. Only then they will take interest and think about pursuing it as a career option
17. Anything that you would like to say to our readers
Nutrition Science is equally important when it comes to one's health in a diseased condition or in a normal state. Not only drugs will help but food and nourishment that you get through nutrients help to heal the body and stay healthy. So think well before you choose your diet pattern and foods because food should be your medicine.
Best Food A Well balanced diet from all food groups is the best food.
Best Book Case against Sugar
Best song or music All energetic songs on which you can practice Zumba or any physical activity like walk or workout.
Best Destination Maldives
Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you Our Indian Defense soldiers.
Life motto To be independent and create an indivisual identity as a Clinical Dietetian.
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