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Honest dedicated and pet lover - Dt. Soundharya Ravi
Name : Dt. Soundharya Ravi
Clinic Name : Holistic Diet and Fitness
Experience : 4 Years of Expertise
Specialization : Obesity Management Specialist
Holistic Diet and Fitness - Founded by Dt. Soundharya Ravi
1. When and why did you decide to take up Nutrition as your career?
I beleive you are what you eat, it's important that you make sure that you treat this body, the gift for life from God is taken care by making good choices of food that you eat. Knowing the fact that not every body are aware of importance and the ease of healthy and balanced diet, thought I should do something at this field and strongly believe that I can convey the best to the society and best of my ability to make one's life healthier.
2. When was the eureka moment when you decided to have your startup?
when I realized the need for healthy lifestyle, and growing rate of obesity and the people being unaware of the causes of lifestyle disorders and ease of implementing the healthy habit changes.
3. Where is your startup located? What are your plans for expansion?
It's located in Bangalore. Expanding as much as I can. As ultimate idea is to change ones life by adding value, by educating and by getting awareness of healthy eating patterns
4. Who are your competitors and how you see yourself competition?
I am in competition with myself with the number of success rate I could bring in and make the world a better and healthy place by giving t tye practical sense of following a healthy diet
5. What keep you excited about this startup?
Everything! As I am getting a chance to change others lifestyle for good. And being part of society's wellbeing in combating lifestyle disorders
6. Being a woman you have to handle a lot of things- tell us how you maintain work-life balance.
Priorities. Work is workship and adding value to somebody's life gives me more satisfaction Mental peace from things That I love to do helps me balance my professional and personal life
7. What is the most important learning which you want to share with our emerging women entrepreneurs?
Prioritize your dream and no looking back get going with your plan and make the world a better place.
8. What do you suggest to a woman who is interested in starting their own business
Plan it, implement it and get going!! Be strong and wipe off all the fears and cross all the hurdles and you get what you actually are looking for.
9. Where do you see your brain-child in next 2-3 years from now?
Up with 1000s of success stories and healthy Society and a healthy country
Best Food What your mom cooks at home with love
Best Book Tell me more about my life
Best song or music Depends on my mood
Best Destination Switzerland
Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you APJ ABDUL KALAM SIR
Life motto Truth zeal and dedication
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