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Live, Love, Sparkle with Nutrition Guru in You - Dt. Tanu Gupta
Name : Dt. Tanu Gupta
Clinic Name : Dietsis
Experience : 5 Years of Expertise
Specialization : Obesity Management
Dietsis - Online Clinic of Dt. Tanu Gupta, believing in treating our country our people with healthy lifestyle and eating habits.
1. What would you call the Turning point in your life (How did the idea of getting into this field come about? What made you choose this? And what would you say sets you apart?
the idea comes in mind when my mother died at very young age with obesity related diseases like cardiac and hypertension.From that day on wards i felt every individual need lifestyle changes to live a healthy life and make themselves mindful eaters Let food be your medicine not medicine be your food.
2. What do you like most about what you are doing?
its about the idea that can change someones life with your knowledge and skils and really worth efforts when patients come to you after following your instructions that it worked great and they feeling better.Its more than a blessing for me when someone really gets out health issues with certain changes in diet and lifestyle.
3. What is your definition of Success?
For me success comes from failure. When you fail it ignites a spark in you to get more into depth and implement.So i feel success comes from failure and you always learn when you loose.
4. If you had to give a advice to your younger self when you were starting out, what would it be or If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Well i update myself with latest researches and see the difference where it really stands out and implement that changes with my knowledge.
5. Any regrets as of now? And if yes would you like to share
No regrets till now . I just want to say people choose wisely .
6. Top 2 regular practices that have helped you
Metabolic balance programme. diabetes treatmentrs with diet. hyperlipidemia and eternal nutrition.
7. Motivational factor (What keeps you motivated)
The market half of google followers to remove quacks.
8. One relationship that helped (Who has been your biggest support in this journey ?)
My Doctors team and my ICU exposure.
9. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about you?
Cost factor sometimes.
10. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
Knowledge Funds for marketing Your time management with discipline.
11. Being a woman you have to handle a lot of things- tell us how you maintain work-life balance.
Its about your priorities sometimes you need to be determined, disciplined and dedicated then the doors to problem gets easily opens with solution.
12. What is the most important learning which you want to share with our emerging women entrepreneurs?
Give justice to your knowledge and do your best. Knowledge and learning never ends.
13. What do you suggest to a woman who is interested in starting their own business
Be good listeners and don't copy paste when you listen you get to point what the people want from you.
14. Where do you see your brain-child in next 2-3 years from now?
its on rising side what i feel personaly.
15. Last but not least, how you are managing personal and professional life, any tips and tricks you wish to give to our readers.
sometimes troubles come when you had to manage home kids and work being single parent, but i embrace every hardship i feel if struggle is not there how you conquer. So be a part of all substantial difficulties that comes to your way and don't fear or run away its okay when you might be wrong but i know you gonna succeed to. The road which is straight is easy to follow but zig zag in life teaches you and get insight you about the morals and values.
Best Food Indian home cooked khichdi .
Best Book Mega living by Robin Sharma.
Best song or music Pal do pal Dua song Enrique iglesias
Best Destination Switzerland
Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you Sushmita Sen Mother Teresa
Life motto Live and Let live
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