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Do Not Neglect Your Mental Health

Do Not Neglect Your Mental Health

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10 ways to help your mental health

Health is wealth and this is definitely true! Certainly this might be an old idiom; this definitely holds strength and much value these days as well! Having everything in this world but not having the peaceful mind are something that makes one regret less and live life to the fullest. When we talk about mental health, it would be great to define it in simple yet self-explanatory terms.

Mental health is the condition of the person, which is in regard to his psychological as well as emotional state of his/ her body. [1]

Facts about mental health:

  • Mental health has a direct link with tragedies: various studies have been done, which shows that those people are likely to bear impacted mental health who have survived through a major disaster.
  • Various factors included: There is not only one thing that leads to impacted mental health, but a variety of factors like physical injury, traumatic experience or even some life-threatening or tragic experience.
  • It could be definitely taken over: Even if the life does not seem going in the right direction we need not to be tensed! Some people who are born with fighter mentality know that one life gets tough, we should become tougher!

What happens in the brain, when mental health is impacted? [2]

Something happening in life that is directly or indirectly impacting your mood, behavior, thinking and even feeling, definitely has something to do what is happening in the body or more precisely in the brain of the individual.  This definitely affects the working of the person resulting in low productivity and even more profound distress. Serotonin, a brain chemical level, is being affected when the individual is suffering from any sort of brain-impaired functionality. Problems in the perfect communication of the various neurons (nerve cells) or impacted neurotransmission lead to affected mental health

How to look after your mental health? [3]

1. Feeling: talk about them often: Everybody has some sort of things or events happenings in life. These changes give rise to a lot of feelings. While people are facing lots of emotional changes, it is always better to talk about those feeling to someone and sharing your heart out.

2. Exercise well: Keep yourself active and every possible activity like exercise that will help and boost your self-confidence by belonging you look and feel fit!

3. Keep your diet proper: Make a proper diet chart and make sure that sugar and caffeine are in the proper ratio and not more. A proper diet also helps in making your mentalhealth proper. A balanced diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals or whole grains, seeds and nuts, oily fish, dairy products and lots of water should be consumed.

4. Drink well: Avoid consumption of alcohol even though a lot of feelings change and mood shifts happen. It is always better, in fact best, to rely upon drinking healthy juices, protein shakes and a lot of water, to help your fitness regime!

5. Keep yourself connected: talking always helps one and so there should be good friends around you.

6. Mention, if you need help: Make sure that asking help never makes one lower in his position. Thus asking for help is a good way to make sure your mental health is sound.

7. Take time for yourself: Taking a break every once in a while, is a good option. This helps one to relax and take some quality time for oneself. This helps to lift your mood and makes the person feel joyful and relaxed.

8. Accept yourself: It is very necessary to be happy with who you are. This is the truth that should be dealt with and accepted very nicely. This helps in making sure that you love yourself and hence nothing in this world would make your feel low about yourself!

9. Exercise your hobby: Doing something that you find peace and joy at definitely brings greater joy. This makes you feel relaxed and a sense of achievement comes along the way!

10. Try to be happy: this one is felt like an exercise in the initial days of life. If practiced well and taken care of, to maintain this one as a habit then people could make sure that whatever happened, they can be happy all the time!

11. Relation between eating habits and mental health: Not taking proper or balanced diet or even sometimes overeating results in mental disorders like ADHD. A diet lacking in nutrition and proper vitamins leads to depression and anxiety. 

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