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Do you drool when you sleep

Do you drool when you sleep

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Drooling While Asleep: Reasons and Remedies

Sleep is the dream comes true for anybody, who has had a busy day. Doctors tell that sleep is the very important and necessary part of life, if disturbed can result in the irritation, mood disturbances, and even lack of good health. There are so many conditions that night of sound sleep is associated with, which then conveys that the body is fighting against something for example snoring is often related to obesity. There is one more condition called drooling, commonly it is the uncontrolled dropping of saliva, from the mouth while sleeping. In medical terms, this is often called as Sialorrhea [1].

Facts associated with saliva, the liquid that comes from the mouth as a result of drooling

  • A teething baby usually drools:While it may be easy for others to understand some of the reason why they drool, it is completely normal for kids to drool when they are about to enter the phase of teething.
  • Drooling is absolutely okay within first 2 years of life:This is because the infants do not develop proper teething and the control over their muscles, when it comes to the control over the mouth. Thus it is very normal for child to drool in the initial stagesof life.

Reasons for drooling while sleeping

So helpful saliva is but it is definitely irritating and insulting when we drool while sleeping and saliva drips of our mouth. Few reasons why we drool while asleep are

1. Sleeping marks the relaxation of our facial muscles and the swallowing reflexes. Saliva which gets deposited in the mouth slowly starts dripping due to the relaxed facial muscle.

2. Nasal congestion, which makes us sleep with open mouth and hence drooling happens.

3. The indication of diseased condition: Health issues like a neurological disorder makes a human to drool. As the brain is not functioning properly and they donot even realize when they start drooling.

Remedies for drooling while sleeping

  • Properly cleaned sinuses: Blocked nose is one of the reasons fordrooling. Thishappens due to congestion. Cleaning nasal passage will be very helpful. A hot water shower, aromatic oils like eucalyptus oil can help to have an unblocked nasal passage.
  • Try sleeping over your back: This is very common that sleeping on your back keeps all of the saliva produced within the mouth while sleeping on tummy will definitely make your pillow wet. Hence try and adjust yourself to sleep on your back!
  • Are you having Sleep apnea: A sleeping disorder, when the breathing does not go smoothly interrupts the sleeping process a hence person feels sleepy and drowsiness in the morning. Snoring and drooling both are the indicators of sleeping apnea. If you think this is you then consult a physician.
  • Lose your extra weight: being overweight is of no good use. Majorly people from the USA, suffering from sleep apnea are been surveyed as overweighed, which causes this sleeping disorder. Try eating more of whole grain and stick to more of organic food, which helps in making sure you do not get overweight.

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