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Eat Like a Game Changer

Overview | Myths regarding an animal-based diet | vegan diet

Eat Like a Game Changer

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Eat Like a Game Changer

Are you a movie buff and can’t miss your flicks on Netflix then definitely you might be fascinated by the latest Netflix movie ‘The Game Changers’. You might have been fascinated by the movie where named & famed big producers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan & Lewis Hamilton talk about the misconceptions around eating meat to giving physical strength & protein to the body in sport. You might be confused how a plant-based diet can help athletes survive well.

Do not get confused all those myths regarding an animal-based diet are debunked

  • Let me clear your confusion regarding these dietary myths, cultural beliefs about living only on a plant-based diet, health, athletic ability, masculinity and longevity.

Your confusion will come to rest with this quote of Albert Einstein, he said ‘Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.’

Now the question arises how a vegan diet is better than the animal-based diet.

  • The movie has thrown light on the fact that meat and animal products produce inflammation in the body
  • On the other hand plant-based foods are anti-inflammatory and help the body recover faster after work outs.

Scientific evidence too has proved that meat, eggs and dairy lead to bad health instead of enhancing it.

  • Bad health is the precursor to the onset of several kinds of diseases and shortening of life-span.
  •  Plants on the other hand increase a person’s wellbeing, decreasing the risk of illness and thus increasing longevity.

The theory that people who ate plant-based food were weak and skinny has been debunked.

  • These people may be skinny but get adequate quantity of protein to thrive well and do all activities with more vigour
  • Compared to people consuming animal -based foods.

Plant-based foods are more advantageous to the body as portrayed by athletes & research in the movie. 

  • It is seen when athletes switch from an animal to a plant diet their performance gets enhanced due to better blood circulation, better muscle efficiency& recovery from inflammation due to optimum fuel.
  • This is not only for athletes but for all people following a plant-based diet.
  • Muscles functions well with glycogen a kind of carbohydrate stored in our liver & muscles.
  •  This carbohydrate comes mainly from plants which keeps people alert & focussed and in turn perform better. Plant eaters benefit and work better
  • Meat eaters believe dairy and meat products increase their performance but only dietary fat increases. This fat produces less energy compared to carbohydrates which plants produce.
  • Thus muscle efficiency is less  leading to poor or slow performance
  • There is a misconception that carbs make people fat
  • Unrefined carbohydrates found in plants are useful and keep body slim &trim
  • Foods like oats, bananas; sweet-potatoes having these carbs keep body lean and is advantageous in better performance as shown in the flick.
  • Plant-basedfoods increase blood flow. This blood is a carrier of oxygen &nutrients to the muscles which helps them to function well by eliminating the wastes quickly from the body
  • On the contrary animal-diet thickens the blood, slows oxygen flow and lessens nutrient transport causing decrease in body performance. Muscles become sluggish compared to those eating a plant-based diet
  • Animal-based diet clogs the arteries compared to a plant-based diet
  • Cured meats contain nitrates which are cancer causing.
  •  Whereas plant-foods contain nitrates which helps to open blood vessels  and blood can flow at a faster rate compared to animal foods.
  • These plant nitrates help our muscles work more efficiently compared to the nitrates present in an animal diet.
  • Inflammation is common in a human body due to infection, injury or exercise
  • Inflammation due to exercise can have a negative effect on our performance as shown in the movie. Otherwise too if inflammation occurs it can lead to damage of healthy tissues, muscles & joints.
  • It is seen that a plant-based diet can help in getting rid of inflammation faster due to powerful antioxidants present in them compared to animal-based diet which contain pro-inflammatory compounds.
  • Plant foods decrease soreness, decrease muscle damage and finally a better recovery and a better performance
  • Animal foods lead to cancers
  • Diabetes, obesity & cardiovascular diseases are resulting due to more intake of animal-based food

Whether you are an athlete or a normal person who wants to live better, work better switch over to plant-based foods and lessen your meat intake.

Plants bless us; meat messes us

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