This platform allows you to build your own website “Free of Cost”.

You can create your Online Clinic and Online Store by registering yourself on the below link. No charges to be paid.


Earning while you are getting new clients from your Online Clinic and also the commission for the products sold through Online Store.
Know Your Food partners with Dieticians, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Diet Experts, Diet Clinics etc. We welcome all such professional applicants.
As per the agreement between you and Know Your Food.
Payments are distributed monthly by the 15th of each month.
Yes, we accept affiliates from anywhere in the world.

This platform provides you new clients who are looking for Dietitians and Nutritionists.

This allows you to earn from them,

1)   Through your consultation charges
2)   Through products purchased by your clients on this platform.

Create your Own Dietician Platform without any Cost.

   I.  Register and Create Your Website- Create your website very attractive and start your own Online Clinic within just 20 minutes
   II.  Get New Clients - Start getting new clients once you website is complete
   III.  Start Earning – Start Earning through Consultations and Products Selling

Below are the benefits of joining.

  •   Own Online Clinic – Free of Cost
  •   New Clients Generation
  •   Free of Cost Marketing with Global Reach
  •   Social Media Presence
  •   Free of Cost Website Creation platform
  •   Brand Creation
  •   Other source of Income like Commission income on products
  •   Own Online Store – Free of Cost
Most of us are now looking for the best option for Health and Nutrition Care and are searching for it online.

The Online Clinic provides a digital front door to the Health and Nutrition system guiding clients to the most appropriate place for Health and Nutrition Care at the time of need.

The Online Store is your own store that displays merchandise at your own website. It over bridges the gap between the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores

Here are some benefits:

   1)  No physical inventory with You
   2)  No Transportation and delivery
   3)  No Storage and Handling Costs
   4)  Free of Cost Product Display
   5)  No staff required

Once you get the new client through us and schedule is fixed, you can start consultancy either Online or Offline (your physical clinic, where you sit)

Yes, you can use the same details about your clinic while doing the registration.

You can do the consultation in any language common between yourself and your client.

For help, mail us at knowyourfood.in@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +91-9610-999-006

At the initial level, 10-15 clients in a month and as your website performs well, the number will start increasing.

Yes, you will get the agreement/terms & conditions at the signup page.