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How to Deal When you and your Spouse Have Different Eating Habits?

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How to Deal When you and your Spouse Have Different Eating Habits?

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How to Deal When you and your Spouse Have Different Eating Habits?

The husband and wife are like the two poles of a magnet and they dissimilar in their habits but in spite of these differences they tie the knot. Humans follow the magnetic laws of attraction i.e. opposite poles attract where two dissimilar people get attracted to each other to love and live together. When there are dissimilarities definitely food differences would be there, so how does one sort out these without upsetting the other.

It is said ‘Food brings people together on many different levels. It is the nourishment of the soul and body which a couple together.’

The three things which have to be kept in mind regarding diet differences in a relationship are the 3Cs-

  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • No Criticism

There is euphoria when one ties the knot without thinking about any negatives in each other.

Diet differences should not create a friction instead learn to adapt and accept and try the following ways to sort out those differences:

Learn Together-

  • Read about good diet together
  • Visit a nutritionist to decide the kind of diet each should take
  • Do not force your preferences 
  • Since body and needs would be different, there would be a different diet plan for each, so no one needs to fret about the dietary differences. They would be chalked out well.

Focus on similarities-

  • The key to a harmonious kitchen is to focus on similar likes 
  • Mutual love of things will make it easy for a couple to enjoy togetherness
  • That way both can gradually start enjoying the other persons likes

Good communication-

  • One should have open communication lines since the beginning of marriage
  • One should be open about ones craving and dislikes without being inhibited
  • Being open can be a great while cooking
  • Cooking is like love and one should enter it with abandon, as food binds a couple well

Cook separately or in combinations-

  • If one is vegetarian and the other is non veg cook separately for each
  • Or some common dish which can be split into bowls and topped per taste that way each can have his or her favourite food with no difficulty

Refrain from commenting on food-

  • Do not ridicule the other on his or her eating habits
  • Do not nag if you like veg food and your spouse has a fancy for non veg food
  • Give each other space and try to be civil while eating

Set an example-

  • If you do not like your spouses unhealthy eating habits, instead of creating scenes and asking him to stop, try to set an example
  • Do not buy things that might be harming his health
  • If he loves junk food try to recreate the taste by making such type of food at home keeping calorie count and hygiene in check
  • Maybe a home baked dessert or snack could help him get rid of his unhealthy eating habits
  • Keep delectable snacks made with love and concern readily available
  • This might transform your spouse without you hounding him about his weight and unhealthy habits.

Take turns to cook-

  • Half the week one cooks and the next half the other cooks
  • This way both can get a share of their favourite food while they cook
  • They get to eat something new when the other cooks
  • This kind of compromise can build a strong relationship

Show support-

  • One can become supportive of your spouse  diet differences
  • One can adopt his or her food likings to support him
  • Do not criticize your spouse for what they eat as you have married the person for what they are as a person
  • Try and adapt with your partner through thick and thin.
  • Any illness can create dietary differences, instead of hounding the person support him or her by not eating those restricted foods and building a harmonious relationship

So instead of putting an end to a beautiful relationship due to diet differences use love and logic to do away with these differences.

So ‘Be that couple together, who are so bound together with love, that even food differences cannot destroy that bond.’

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