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Importance of Nutrition Labels on Food Products

Importance of Nutrition Labels on Food Products

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Why Nutrition labels on food products?

Today’s world is very much Nutrition concentric and always looking out for some nutrition tips. This is a great thing to bring into the routine and bring it into our routine practice.  This helps in bringing a fair and healthy nation into notice. This not only helps one to remain fit but this also helps an individual to be educated about what kind of ingredients one is taking into his/ her gut. Thus keeping a check on the things he or she does not want to enter the body!


To begin with let us explore, what actually the Nutrition label means!


Nutrition, as explained earlier it is the ingredients of food and this also helps in knowing the impacts of those ingredients on the body as well. The various ingredients that one could know about, present in the food are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, additives, cholesterol, sugar intake, enzymes vitamins and minerals and intake of salt as well. The Nutritional value is given to consumers when we talk about general food. [1]

Hence while helping people know more detail about the food, it can definitely help in educating people, about what they are eating. No doubt a lot of hours and ingredients might be put in bringing one dish on the shelf, but it is very imperative to help people get convinced with the help of health blogs about the various benefits of the ingredients present in the food item.

What three things should be mentioned on the Nutrition label of the food product?

  • Nutrition label: this helps the common man to know what all food components like sugar, sodium, vitamin, protein and carbohydrates are present in the food item on the basis of a diet of 2000 calories.
  • Ingredient list: Deriving the Nutrition list ultimately helps one to know the various components of the food and thus can pick the food for self as per their own choice.
  • Daily intake: This helps people to know how much they should intake the particular food every day based on the various ingredients and the Nutrition list provided on the packaging.

Important nutrients for good health and the food which provide them

Protein being a macronutrient helps the body in building its cells and tissues. Mainly it is responsible for growth, health and body maintenance. We can get this from eggs, nuts, soy, and cereals.

  • Carbohydrates: help in making sure that the brain is properly developed and health is maintained. Resources include white bread or pasta.
  • Fats: they are important in absorbing the mineral and vitamin for the body blood clotting along with a movement of a muscle. You can get these from nuts, seeds, fish and avocado!
  • Vitamins: the healthy ones that body require are D, B6, A and C which help skin, bones and a healthy vision. Vegetables and fruits are the best resources
  • Minerals: Building bones and teeth, boosting one’s immune system and regulating the metabolism of an individual are the prime works of a mineral like zinc, iron, calcium and potassium.
  • Water being the 90 compositions of the body, it helps in carrying out the proper functioning of the body. The main reason being the body fluids are in the liquid state; water becomes very important to help a body function properly as mentioned by fitness blog.

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