Individual Consultation

Need answers to your health issues? We're here to help.

Access our qualified and affordable dietitians and nutritionists online from anywhere in the world.

What's Included & What Can You Expect?

 A 20-30 minutes of 3-5 sessions in a month with your choice of dietitian or nutritionistonline or offline.

 Comprehensive pre-consultation Health Record Questionnaire.

 WhatsApp Chat support so you can get answers in between your sessions.

 Personalized nutrition plan: It includes nutrition guidance and recommended diet plan and lifestyle consultation.

 Discover emotional triggers or past trauma that could unlock your healing potential.

 Yoga and fitness Tips as per your health conditions.

 Healthy Recipes as per your health conditions.

Struggling To Get Results With Your Health?

Are you living with your Health Condition like that only as you been advised that nothing can be done? It clearly suggests that you have spent a lot of time on unrealistic Social Media Lifestyle and Diet Counselling or shifting from Health Coach to other.

We get're a busy person and you don't have TIME to be sick.

If this sounds recognizable, then maybe it's time to consider a Qualified Health Coach. Health Coach is one who can help you make sense of your health record and discover the actual root cause of your condition, rather than just covering the symptoms. Someone who can help you cure your body at a initial level... FOR GOOD.

No more messing around. No more being passed from one specialist to another for every single symptom. The time has come for you to take back control of your health. Welcome to the KNOW YOUR FOOD Health Practitioners! You have reached your final destination.


How KNOW YOUR FOOD Health Practitioner Consultations Work


Professional, planned specifically for you, practical and feasible for every day.

Nutrition Counselling and Assessment

The initial consultation is designed to look at your lifestyle, health status and nutritional goals. Ways you’ve already tried are discussed along with what you want to achieve and your options for reaching these targets. The counselling, together with the assessment of your nutritional status, represents the basis for an effective diet plan.

Time of planning and learning

A nutritional plan is prepared on the basis of the desired and achievable goals and assessment of your nutritional status. It comprises several measurable steps, showing the stages of your progress. The general suggestions are transformed into practical ideas and instructions, so that they can be included into your daily routine. Changes should be introduced progressively.

Support on the way to success

Introducing changes that can be maintained in the long-term and giving up old habits is not a simple task. Therefore, the continuous follow-up sessions are of significant importance in terms of support. We go along with your progress, encourage you and adjust the plan, if necessary. Over time you will be capable ofhaving proper knowledge, tools and awareness to be able to independently take responsibility for your well-being, health and appearance. You will be able to make food choices, appropriate just for you with the help of Health Coaches at Know Your Food.

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Introducing The KNOW YOUR FOOD Health Practitioners

Our mission is to empower you to become your own Health Success Story. KNOW YOUR FOOD Health Practitioners can help you in a variety of areas. Whether you're suffering from depression, anxiety or chronic tiredness, food allergies or intolerances, to acid reflux or irritable bowel, to thyroid or hormonal imbalances, to diabetes or heart disease, to eating disorders or wanting to lose weight, to pregnancy and boosting fertility, and even cancer — our practitioners are here to help!

Athlete seeking to improve their performance and physical strength can be provided with expert advice to improve their overall health and wellness.

The team of health practitioners we've put together are a mixture of integrative therapists, dietitians, functional medicine doctors, yoga trainers and clinical nutritionists. They are well qualified and can be creative for healing solutions for sustainable, long-lasting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the purpose of this group?

 What are the benefits of joining these groups?

    Major benefits include
  • Motivation
  • Healthy Competition
  • Making Diet Consultation Economical

 How can I join any Group?

First, you have to select the requisite Group you want to join and then pay the required amount online.

 How many Types of groups are there?

There are 2 types groups - Open and Closed

 What is Open Group?

Open group means a group created for general public and anyone who fulfils the requirement can join this group from anywhere in the world. In this group the Fees will be split into the number of members forming part of the group in equal proportion.

 What is Closed Group?

Closed group means a group created within the closed circle of family and friends. In this group, one person will make the payment for the entire group consultation fees and can make other family members join this group if they match the requirement too.

 How many members can join a Group?

The number of members that can join a group are based on the number of members as decided by the Group Admin.

 When does a group consultation start?

Group Consultation will start on the date pre-defined by the Group Admin.

 Can I shift my group?

No, once you join a group, you cannot shift from this group. But you can join a new group when available.

 How can I complaint about the group admin?

For complaining about the group member, drop us a mail at or call us at  7827008888.

 Can I shift my group?

No, once you join a group, you cannot shift from this group. But you can join a new group when available.

 How can I claim refund?

No option of claiming refund is available.

 How can I rejoin any Group?

You can create a new group with same details.

 How can I hide my identity?

 How can I check which group is suitable for me?

You can use filters as per your health requirements and select the group.

 Are there any restrictions from joining the group in terms of location?

Anyone can join these groups from anywhere in the world.

 What is the mode of payment?

Payment can be made online through any mode like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Paypaletc (for any currency).

 Can I pay for more than for 1 person?


 Can people with different targets join one single Group?

Since, the targets are different the purpose of joining the group will be different too.

 How can I share group details with my friend?

You can share the group details with anyone you want by clicking on the share button

 How can I invite my friends for joining these groups?

You can share the group details with anyone you want by clicking on the share button.

 How I can book a group for my entire family?

You can create a closed group and pay the fees for the group and make anyone join the group who matches the requirement.

 Will there be monetary benefits in joining the group?

Yes, joining the groups will be very economical as the fees is distributed among all the members of the group equally.


Very economical.

- Muskaan