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How to get sharp memory by changing eating habits?

How to get sharp memory by changing eating habits?

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Why does everyone want that perfect and sharp memory?

Everybody knows and follow the rule well, “Survival of the fittest”. Memory can be defined as the normal system through which mind stores and remembers information. Memory can be related to the brain: body part of individuals. The limbic system: present inside the medial temporal lobe includes many structures that are related to the process of memory. The structures are namely hippocampus, the amygdala, the cingulate gyrus, the thalamus along with some organs as well.People generally relate sharp memory with some changed eating habits as there is a vital role that memory has to play in an individual’s whole life. Though sometimes it is really good to forget the things but most of the time people try to get sharper in their memory! Some of the reasons are listed below, why a good memory should never be neglected!

  • Helps boost your self confidence

  • Keeps you prepared well for the future.

  • Decision making is sound and better.

  • Good for your life’s growth graph.

Even the young children tend to absorb a lot of events in their mind which can impact their behavioral and personal life.

Lack of sharp memory can be an indicator of following:

  • Short term and long term memory loss problem

  • Some cases of Alzheimer’s disease are reported to be related to such problems.

  • Depression

  • Misattribution

  • ADHD is a medical condition. This stands for Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Its patients have brain development affected and hence face problem in sitting still and paying attention.

What changes in your eating etiquettes would help you aim for a sharp memory?

A. Include veggies in your diet.

  • Eating of broccoli, salads, dark leafy greens and cabbage can help boost your memory as the studies suggest.

B. Include enough of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet plan

  • This says to include good quantity of fish, seafood which include good amount of omega 3 fatty acids or DHA helping to keep your memory sharp.

C. Walnuts and other natural food stuffs should be said yes to!

Not only good for brain these are promising for a good heart health as well. Blueberries are a good source of anti-inflammatory compounds, which help to protect brains from any source of stress and anxiety. They even help in keeping memory sharp and protects from short term memory loss.

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