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Is Your Habit Of Taking Calories Affecting Your Weight?

Is Your Habit Of Taking Calories Affecting Your Weight?

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What is Calorie?

In trend of weightloss term calorie is used exchangeably meaning fat! This needs to be changed a little bit, not completely though! In science, calories are the term used to denote energy which means the amount of energy a food article can provide to one’s body, which is very different from the word fat, as is taken in today’s context. The activities needed to burn the body fat if not done properly would definitely cause a problem, even if the energy source or Calories are taken even in the normal amount!

Some Myths related to Calories intake and weightloss.

  • Eating more calories cause major health problems.

  • Calories are not at all good for one’s health.

  • It is not only about calories loss when weightloss is considered.

  • Calories are burned only while exercising helping in losing weight.

To remain fit along with getting the right amount of calories, men are believed to aim at consuming 2500 calories while women should be aiming at 2000 calories per day.

What problem you might face if your calorie intake is too low?

Some people aiming at weightloss, make this a habit to avoid calorie intake, completely. This could end in very serious damages to the body which are as follows:

  • Calories are the energy providers, in absence of which body will start starving.

  • To furnish the need for energy, the body will start using the muscle mass, which would end up in bad overall health, a condition called as catabolism.

  • Insufficient calorie intake will lead to an imbalance in one’s vital nutrients.

How one should manage proper calorie intake with good and fit health?

  • For those, who can’t manage to bear up the amount of gym can look forward to keeping one’s routine busy and not idle.

  • Make sure, to be optimistic about the health issues you are facing and give consistent and efficient efforts to live a healthy life.

  • Drink lots of water which helps in one’s weightloss program.

  • Keep a check on the count of calorie you intake on a daily basis.

  • High Calories food is high in fat and not the fat itself; this requires a good exercise routine.

  • You should be shifting to the healthy snacks and munch on options. Such options include Walnuts, cauliflower, cucumber, asparagus and mushroom. Very surprisingly dark chocolate, white cheese, cream are all counted in the category of low carb food.

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