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Is your microwave keeping you prone to cancer?

Is your microwave keeping you prone to cancer?

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Is my microwave giving me cancer?

The cancer is a condition of the proliferative or uncontrolled growth seen in the cells. The series of studies conducted on cancer show that this disease is seen to occur due to the DNA damage caused by some of the environmental factors or the changes in the environment.

There are various reasons why one could see development of cancer in the normal individual.

  • Mutations or change in the normal working of the cell.

  • Such changes happen due to the change in the cell while the life processes (or the normal functioning of body) takes place.

  • The chemicals coming from outside environment (like tobacco smoke) causes cancer development.

  • Change in genes making it result into cancerous conditions.

There are various factors about cancer as compiled below.

  • The various parts of the body as observed to be affected by the cancer cell, which are in total of 100 kinds in total.

  • The Americans are diagnosed with the highest percent of being found prone to cancer.

  • Though any can be cancers prey, the people of more than 55 years of age, gets easily trapped in it.

Is your microwave giving you cancer?

To help one deal with the doubt whether microwave gets them cancer or not, a good read through the following is a good option.

  • Food is not made radioactive, when being heated in the microwave.

  • Microwave heats food which happens due to the retention of the heat caused by emission of the radiations in the microwave.

  • Microwave heats food and hence does not produce any changes in the same, which is a good resort to help one, know that microwave does not support causing of cancer via food being heated within.

  • Microwave is known to cause the heating of the food, which is not at all combined with brining any kind of change in the chemical composition of the food.

Few of the tips below could help you be careful of what not at all should be put in the microwave.

1. Eggs in shells

2. Chili peppers

3. Breast milk

4. A mug of water

5. Processed meats

6. Leafy greens

7. Oils

8. Uncooked rice

Here are few tips to keep fighting against cancer by keeping one free from any cancerous symptoms.

1. Stick to a non-addicted health routine

It is a good option to stick to a healthy lifestyle with no sort of addiction present in one’s life. There have been a lot of campaigns running which clearly mentions tobacco causes cancer and so does smoking.

2. Healthy Eating Options

It is recommendable o have the best of the diet options included in the food. One should develop a good regime of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Including more of tomatoes in the diet keeps one ready to fight against cancer. Depending more on olive oil, including garlic and ginger (which stops the production of carcinogens) helps one to adopt a healthy living, keeping cancer conditions at bay.

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