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Natural Remedies to avoid crippling due to long hours sitting

Natural Remedies to avoid crippling due to long hours sitting

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Natural Remedies to Save Your Body from Crippling Due to Long Hours Sitting

Human’s natural tendency is to be able to live life in a very easy and comfortable mode. The need to work and earn cannot be avoided which helps in living life with desired leisure and comfort. Currently, many of the high collar jobs are in sitting mode. In such jobs, the sitting hours account for the long run which is not at all looked on as a healthy option even though natural remedies are there to help you combat this problem. Few of the harmful conditions that can arise due to sitting for long hours are:

  1. High Blood pressure.

  2. Long sitting hours will make you suffer from terrible back pain and also can affect your spinal cord’s position.

  3. Elevated cholesterol or bad fat levels.

  4. Leg disorders can happen due to solidifying of the leg fluid due to long hours of sitting.

  5. Increased risk of diabetes due to less work out in the body of the person sitting for long hours.

  6. No doubt a significant increase in the body weight.

The normal hours of sitting for an adult in a country like the UK are more than 7 hours on a daily basis. This tends to increase with an increase in age to approx. 10 hours a day or even more.

Natural Remedies which Protect the Body from After-Effects of a Sitting Job

  1. Build a routine of exercise which would help you be fit.

  2. Keep getting yourself involved in Yoga and relaxation exercises.

  3. Take breaks hourly.

  4. Try walking at and after lunch breaks.

  5. Walk when you talk.

  6. Try sitting in right postures, which could help solve your back pain problems.

  7. Consider healthy snacks for good health. Replace Maggie and junk food with healthy green tea and roasted nuts.


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