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Real Life Fight of Big B- Myasthenia Gravis

Real Life Fight of Big B- Myasthenia Gravis

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Real Life Fight of Big B- Myasthenia Gravis

Amitabh Bachchan - Big B of Indian Cinema. An actor, politician, producer, host and what not? He met an unforgettable Tragic Accident while shooting for the Film Coolie in 1982 filming an action scene with co-star Puneet Issar. The actor nearly escaped death following the accident. In fact, he reportedly clinically died for eleven minutes.

Not very long after the Coolie incident, another health disaster struck Amitabh Bachchan – He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, a muscle dysfunctional disorder.

He was unable to perform even the simplest of tasks like brushing his teeth or lifting his arms or walking a few steps. He consulted specialists and was put on a treatment involving medicines and therapy. While he has recovered from it, this condition can be triggered off at any time.

As can be seen from Mr Bachchan’s example, it is important to have your muscles and nerves in optimal working condition. One should exercise regularly and ensure that this is supplemented with a healthy balanced diet with sufficient inclusion of foods that will keep your muscles strong and healthy.


Myasthenia gravis is noted by weakness and fast fatigue of any of your muscles under your voluntary management.

Myasthenia gravis is caused by a communication failure between nerves and muscles.

There is no cure for disease of the neuromuscular junction, however treatment will facilitate relieve signs and symptoms, like weakness of arm or leg muscles, vision defect, drooping eyelids, and difficulties with speech, chewing, swallowing and respiration.

Though disease of the neuromuscular junction will have an effect on folks of any age, it is additional common in girls younger than forty and in men older than sixty.


Muscle weakness caused by disease of the Myasthenia Gravis worsens because the affected muscle is employed repeatedly. As a result of symptoms typically improve with rest, your muscle weakness could come back and go. However, disease of the Myasthenia Gravis symptoms tend to progress over time, typically reaching their worst inside a number of years once the onset of the malady.

Although disease of the Myasthenia Gravis will have an effect on any of the muscles that you just manage voluntarily, bound muscle teams are additional unremarkably affected than others.

Eye Muscles

In more than 50% of the people that develop disease of the Myasthenia Gravis, their initial signs and symptoms involve eye issues, such as:

  • Drooping of 1 or each eyelids

  • Double vision, which can be horizontal or vertical, and improves or resolves once one eye, is closed.

Face and Throat Muscles

In regarding fifteen % of individuals with disease of the Myasthenia Gravis, the primary symptoms involve face and throat muscles, which may cause:

  • Altered speaking - Your speech could sound terribly soft or nasal, relying upon that muscles are affected.

  • Difficulty swallowing - you will choke terribly simply, that makes it tough to eat, drink or take pills. In some cases, liquids you are attempting to swallow could commence your nose.

  • Problems mastication - The muscles used for mastication could wear out halfway through a meal, notably if you have been feeding one thing arduous to chew, like cut of meat.

  • Limited facial expressions - Your members of the family could comment that you have lost your smile if the muscles that management your facial expressions are affected.

Neck and Limb Muscles

Myasthenia gravis will cause weakness in your neck, arms and legs; however this typically happens alongside muscle weakness in alternative elements of your body, like your eyes, face or throat.

The disorder typically affects arms additional typically than legs. However, if it affects your legs, you will waddle once you walk. If your neck is weak, it is going to be arduous to carry up your head.

Talk to your doctor if you have got difficulty:

  • Breathing

  • Seeing

  • Swallowing

  • Chewing

  • Walking

  • Using your arms or hands

  • Holding up your head 


1. Antibodies

Your nerves communicate along with your muscles by emotional chemicals (neurotransmitters) that work exactly into receptor sites on the muscle cells at the nerve-muscular junction.

In myasthenia, your system produces antibodies that block or destroy several of your muscles receptor sites for a neurochemical known as neurotransmitter. With fewer receptor sites obtainable, your muscles receive fewer nerve signals, leading to weakness.

Antibodies may additionally block the operation of a super molecule known as a muscle-specific receptor aminoalkanoic acid enzyme. This super molecule is concerned in forming the nerve-muscular junction. Once antibodies block the operation of this super molecule, it is going to cause myasthenia. Analysis continues to review however the antibodies inhibiting this super molecule area unit associated with the event of myasthenia.

2. Thymus Secretor

Researchers believe that the ductless gland, a part of your system set within the higher chest to a lower part of chest, could trigger or maintain the assembly of the antibodies that block neurotransmitter.

Large in infancy, the thymus is tiny in healthy adults. In some adults with myasthenia, however, the thymus is abnormally giant. Some folks with myasthenia even have tumors of the thymus (thymomas). Usually, thymomas are not cancerous (malignant).

3. Other Causes

Some folks could have myasthenia that may not caused by antibodies obstruction neurotransmitter or the muscle-specific receptor aminoalkanoic acid enzyme. This kind of myasthenia is named antibody-negative myasthenia. Antibodies against another super molecule, known as lipoprotein-related super molecule four, could play a part in the development of this condition.

Genetic factors conjointly could also be related to myasthenia.

Factors that may worsen myasthenia

  • Fatigue

  • Illness

  • Stress

  • Extreme heat

Dietary Changes for Myasthenia Gravis

To Reduce Residue in your Throat:

  • Moisten solid foods with gravy, sauce, broth, butter, mayonnaise, soured cream or dairy product.

  • Choose chicken or fish rather than more durable meats.

  • Avoid dry breakable food like haywire, rice, cookies, nuts, chips or popcorn.

  • Avoid bread product like sandwiches, bagels and muffins.

  • Focus on the swallow. Hold your head in a very completely different position to do a special swallow pathway.

To Reduce Fatigue:

  • Eat many little meals throughout the day.

  • Chop or mince solid foods (like meat).

  • Eat your largest meal earlier within the day once you have additional energy.

  • Take medicament medication (for example, Mestinon) shortly before mealtimes.

To Reduce the Danger of Food accidentally going into your Lungs:

  • Thicken all fluids to the consistency suggested by your doctor or speech diagnostician.

  • Remember that frozen dessert and popsicles soften into a skinny fluid in your mouth, which once you chew fruits, the juice free is additionally a skinny liquid.

  • Be careful swallowing mixed-consistency foods, as an example, cereal with milk, soups (like chicken noodle or vegetable), and salad mixed in juices.

To Reduce Nasal Regurgitation:

  • Limit every swallow to one-half of teaspoon.

  • Sit upright and don’t tilt your head forward once swallowing.

Easier Chewing

Egg salad, canned salmon and fruit smoothies can deliver nutrients in a very manageable consistency.

Natural Remedies

Foods Rich in B Vitamins Can Help Promote Nerve Health

The B vitamin family plays a major role in your overall health, particularly for the nervous system. Specific B vitamins that can help with myasthenia gravis include:

  • B1 and B2: can help with the healthy operation of the muscles, nerves and heart.

  • B3: can help normalize the nervous and digestive systems. It helps convert food to energy as well.

  • B6: can help maintain the immune system.

  • B12: can help maintain the nervous system, alongside vitamins B3 and B6.

Summary of foods rich in B vitamins that you can add to your diet:

Vitamin B1

• Wild-caught salmon

• Sunflower seeds

• Macadamia nuts

• Green peas

• Squash

• Asparagus

• Black beans

Vitamin B2

• Almonds

• Brussels sprouts

• Pasture-raised chicken and eggs

• Spinach

• Grass fed yogurt

• Kidney beans

Vitamin B3

• Pasture-raised chicken and eggs

• Grass fed beef

• Avocado

Vitamin B5

• Broccoli

• Avocado

• Sweet potato

• Shiitake mushrooms

• Grass fed yogurt

• Pasture-raised chicken and turkey

Vitamin B6

• Banana

• Chickpeas

• Carrot

• Grass fed cheese

• Papaya

• Potato

• Spinach

Vitamin B7

• Almonds

• Onion

• Tomato

• Carrot

• Walnuts

• Pasture-raised eggs

Vitamin B9

• Black beans

• Kidney beans

• Navy beans

• Garbanzo beans

• Pinto beans

• Lentils

• Asparagus

Vitamin B12

• Crab

• Sardines

• Grass fed beef

• Grass fed milk

Did You Know?

Is there any Pain with Myasthenia Gravis?

In most patients with disease of the Myasthenia Gravis, the primary muscles to be affected are those controlling movements of eye and eyelid, and most patients have involvement of those muscles at some stage. Disease of the Myasthenia Gravis itself does not cause pain, however the weakness might cause non-specific aches and pains.

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