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Ways to boost your metabolism at work

Ways to boost your metabolism at work

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Boost your metabolism at work

In this fast growing world, the need is to keep moving with the world at the same pace. Whether it is ones lifestyle or work life, the pace is definitely to be brought in. With the various opportunities available in the career world, one could easily see the ever growing competition as well.  While we try and want to keep our career graph growing vertically, it is very important to take care of our health as well. A proper and maintained health calls for more opportunity and better ideas to help one excel and get progressive in life.

What is metabolism? [1]

The various set of work processes that happen within an organism necessary to help one keep living in the fittest way are collectively called Metabolism.

Fun facts about metabolism [2]

  • Proteins boost metabolism: Proteins helps in bringing calories. The best way to get better proteins options within the body is to look for chicken, fish, cereal and pulses.
  • Carbohydrates in simple form are metabolism burster: Having white bread or any other form of simple carbohydrate helps in provoking the body to store sugar, this could be easily done while storing insulin or body fat, which makes sure that body gains weight. This is not recommended for the people who are trying to lose weight.
  • Higher metabolism is often related to more muscles: It is been proved that 5% of gain is seen in the people who have been trained for strength and muscle. This hike in metabolism rate could be seen even in the resting stage of the body.
  • Menopause impact the weight loss program in women: Due to menopause, the estrogen level in the body drops, which means less and slow weight reduction. This condition could also give rise to the condition of a bloating belly or belly fat.

How can you keep your metabolism boosted while at work? [3]

  • Let your diet be full of protein: This is very true that protein helps in not gaining excess weight but keep ones metabolism rate good. This has been proven and supported by studies that protein helps in making metabolism rate better by 15%. This is very high when compared to other food sources (fat being max 3 per cent and carbohydrates by 6%). Thus it is good to take protein rich food like eggs, almond, yogurt, cottage cheese and milk.
  • Drink water more and it would be better to have it cold: Having 2 liters of water keeps the body fit. While this water is consumed cold, the body spends energy to warm it and hence it boosts the metabolism, as the energy production is initiated.
  • Adapt an intensive workout routine: Having exercises and workouts as your part of the routine helps you to make the most of the time and help your metabolic rate to get boosted. This makes sure that the metabolic rate is good even after the workout is been stopped.
  • Include this in your routine: It is better to make sure that you do not keep sitting idle and use lifts all the time. Try to stand/ walk and be active as much as possible. Including protein rich foods like oat, chicken breast Greek yoghurt could help one.
  • Things to avoid: Choose stairs over lift. Say no to late night routine and yes to; early to bed early to rise. Instead of sparkling water, try having lots of cold plain water.

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