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What Happens to your Body When You intake fluoride?

What Happens to your Body When You intake fluoride?

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What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a kind of scientific element, which is, no doubt of chemical in nature. Coming from chemical nature, this one mineral can be easily found in many of the natural resources. Some of the resources are air, water, plants soil and rocks.There are no traces of consuming fluoride while it is being mixed in food as such but one can definitely find its traces in the dental supplements.

This one mineral is been utilized in the following various ways:

  • To manufacture products like Teflon, aluminum and steel.
  • To manufacture pesticides.
  • To be used as a cleaning agent.
  • In PET, one of an imaging scanning.

Fluoride has been shown to cause benefit by protecting the teeth enamel, which is the outer layer of teeth, protecting them from decay.

In what ways, fluoride is believed to enter human body, is food a major factor?

  • Water is believed to be contaminated with fluoride: through a process called Water Fluoridation.

  • Kids in habit of playing in mud might get intoxicated with fluoride, if they by chance ingest mud. Rocks also are a good carrier of fluoride.

  • Plants, cereals, meat and fishare the other various options, through which fluoride can enter one’s body, if consumed as food.

  • Many of the toothpaste, mouth washes and along with supplements are believed to raise the amount of fluoride in one’s body.

What are the various side effects fluoride can cause to ones body?

  • Since now, we knowfood is not the only major option, through which fluoride enters the body and many of the options, through which fluoride enters body are through our daily habit, as simple as brushing our teeth.

  • And this regular intake of fluoride can result in causing poisoning, if the dosage of fluoride rises above the normal dosage level (to be present in water) as 0.7 mg/l.

  • Being a toxic element, Fluoride starts metabolic degeneration which in turn produces hydrogen peroxide, another toxic chemical for the body.

  • Cells death occurs as a result of toxic element accumulation. This is the result of the enzyme inhibition, stopping the necessary physiological processes of the body.

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