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What impact a McDonald hamburger is bringing to your body?

What impact a McDonald hamburger is bringing to your body?

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What is a hamburger?

Who would not know, what is a hamburger the right question to be asked is what all is there inside on hamburger and how big one could have Not too funny but the size depending on ones wish would also make sure the health of one impacted to the same level. This has a slice of minced beef or any kind of meat as per ones choice. It is even claimed by some people to be healthy due to the variety of veggies and condiments stuffed within.

Facts about Hamburgers

  • 50 billion burgers are eaten in one single year in America.

  • After introduction in the Si Louis World’s fair in 1904, hamburgers have become popular.

  • In USA, cheeseburgers and hamburgers account for the total 70 percent of the beef served.

  • Burgers are the actual sandwiches which are sold globally.

Hamburgers are very common among young and adults. Now it can be seen making its way slowly among the elders as well.

What is the nutritive value of one hamburger?

One hamburger would no doubt, can’t keep you satisfied. Your taste bud will definitely like to have one more, if it was a medium or small sized, you have had before. Let us dig into the nutritive facts of 100 grams hamburger, how much beneficial it can be for one’s body:

  • It would amount for 295 calories.
  • Total fat would be 14 percent.
  • It contains cholesterol, carbohydrates and some proteins.
  • Hamburger also provides calcium and Vitamin A.

What would be the impact of having hamburger daily on your body?

  • In cases of prolonged eating, helpful bacteria present in the gut are hampered.[1]

  • A big hamburger can make one feel dehydrated, due of the excessive content of salt in it.[2]

  • The duration taken to digest a big hamburger is usually three days and so for that time period the fat is still in the body. Such long duration taken to digest fat and make one feel lethargic.[3]

  • Due to such long time taken to digest fats the deposited content might result in diseases related heart, cancer diabetes and even obesity.

To help you live a healthy life style, it is recommended to develop your eating habits which are more on the healthy and natural side. If you want to have a healthy snack try going for Kale Chips, Greek Yoghurt and banana or it is even much better to try relying on the fruits and salads with variety of sauces!





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