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What is Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet?

Overview | Benefits | Disadvantages | What to eat  | What to avoid | Caution

What is Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet?

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What is TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet?

The TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet is one of several heart-healthy diets that can lower cholesterol and help lower your risk of heart disease or stroke. When you follow this diet, you eat less fat and change the types of fats you eat. You also eat fewer foods that have cholesterol. This diet is part of the TLC program, which also includes being active and staying at a healthy weight to lower cholesterol.

What are the benefits of TLC Diet?

  1. Encourages healthy lifestyle habits
  2. Incorporates many whole foods
  3. Sustainable
  4. Associated with several health benefits
  5. May aid in healthy weight loss

What are the disadvantages of TLC Diet?

  1. May be based on outdated information
  2. Requires diligent tracking
  3. Weight loss calories are low
  4. Not accommodating to dietary restrictions

What to eat for TLC Diet?

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruit
  3. Whole grains
  4. Legumes
  5. Nuts and seeds
  6. Low-fat dairy products
  7. Lean cuts of skinless meat
  8. Some vegetable oils and margarines

What to avoid for TLC Diet?

  1. Fatty cuts of meat
  2. Processed meat
  3. Fried and processed foods
  4. Egg yolks
  5. Full-fat dairy products
  6. Excess salt and sugar
  7. Large amounts of alcohol


You should consult a qualified dietitian before starting TLC Diet for best individual results.

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