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Your Pre Pregnancy routine should not suck you out!

Your Pre Pregnancy routine should not suck you out!

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Your Pre Pregnancy routine should not suck you out!

Having a baby is the most beautiful dream for any couple. This is the sweetest phase and every mother should live it out best. But we do understand that due to some confusions or any other saying prevalent in an industry you might get to feel yourself being struck in abnormal situations.

See if you have been thinking of doing these things!

  • Having a lot of ghee/fat or butter, to make the process of delivering smooth and a normal one!

  • Overeating to feed your child from your appetite.

  • Never undertake exercise

  • Never sit whenever there is any sort of eclipse happening.

If this has been you then you are thinking wrong. Here we want to tell you the possible limitations that it might have on your body.

  • Having a lot of fat/butter or ghee as indian home remedies will not a necessity to help you get done with a normal delivery but it will definitely get you on the norm of having a lot of fat deposited in your body.

  • Exercises are not at all bad for a mother’s body and for the developing fetus but it definitely has to be done under proper care and guidance that could be ordained from a reputed known dietician.

  • The norm of overeating is not to help your child get his/her food but it is to be undertaken to eat as much as you have the appetite and not just the double of your appetite.

  • And simply this one fact about the eclipse is never to be believed as this is definitely an old term tradition!

But in the process of figuring out what to believe and what not to believe we understand the kind of irritation and mood swings one might go through and hence we suggest having a dietician to get right nutrition tips.

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