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Why every qualified dietitians should join us ?
Mohit Singh
Dietitian in Rajasthan
All the qualified dietitians should create their online presence (website & Marketing). Only creating posts and blogs on social media will not help in cretaing your online presence and clients conversion. Join us and set up your own Online Clinic without investing anyth... Continue reading
Why every qualified dietitians should join us ?
Vinil Jain
Today lots of stratups and businesses with deep pockets also enter this same space and doing unethical Practices. As we all know that social media is not the place to provide diet consultation and counselling as everyone is treating themselves as a Dietitian or Nutri... Continue reading
Does Therapy help anxiety?
Manali Kumar
Dietitian in Bihar
"While it is true that there are some personality types more prone to being anxious, it’s absolutely not true that you have to always suffer from anxiety or that anxiety is a life sentence. 1. You can finally admit the full extent of your anxiety. 2. You can be... Continue reading
What is the best and most healthy eating plan for weight maintenance and good health?
Dietitian in Mumbai
A variety of foods along with a varied exercise plan. Drink lots of water. Keep in mind, the less FAT and more lean muscle you have, the faster the calories taken in will become a deficit. Before change can occur please plan ahead . Perhaps having a mate, family member ... Continue reading
What should be given to baby after 6 months?
Mohit Singh
Dietitian in Rajasthan
"Feeding patterns and diet - children 6 months to 2 years An age-appropriate diet: 1) Gives your child proper nutrition 2) Is right for your child's state of development 3) Can help prevent childhood obesity. Call the provider if you are concerned you... Continue reading
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